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Tulle Fabric Shop Online


Tulle is a beautiful mesh fabric with a patterned or net-like structure. It was originally made at Tulle in France, and thus the name. The fabric is extremely lightweight, easy to dye, and is available

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Taffeta Gowns


Taffeta is by no means one of the top wedding gown fabrics. That distinction goes to lace, chiffon, satin, tulle, and organza. So you will find very few brides wearing the fabric on the big

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Organza Wedding Dress


If you are undecided about your wedding dress fabric, let me suggest organza. The fabric is extremely delicate, soft, airy, lightweight, sheer, and flattering. You will look beautiful walking down the aisle in your organza

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Top Bachelorette Cities USA


About to get married soon? It’s time to plan that bachelorette party or hen party. I have put together a list of some of the best cities in the United States for these parties. Read

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Wedding Dress Predictions


Fashion-wise, we are living in one of the most exciting times. This is true with bridal fashion too. There are now a lot more styles, innovations, and more fabric options to choose from than before.

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Short Bridal Dresses


The long wedding gown with train looks traditional and beautiful, no doubt. And white is, of course, the most popular color. But these days, modern brides are experimenting with many different dress styles and colors

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Bridal Organza


Lace, satin, charmeuse, chiffon, tulle, and organza will rank among the top 6 most traditional bridal fabrics. Some brides also make their wedding gowns with georgette, velvet, muslin, brocade, and taffeta, but these materials are

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Wedding Dress Trends


Every year, we have a few new trends emerging in wedding dresses, just like what we see in everyday fashion. Wedding dress styles are changing always. We see some of them at the runways in

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December Wedding Dress


Picking up a proper dress for the wedding isn’t going to be easy ever. And it can be even more difficult if you are getting married in the winter, or if you have to attend

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Top Celebrity Weddings


We all love celebrity weddings. Some of them are huge affairs, while the others are small, intimate, and kept away from the prying eyes. But each wedding has unique styles, reinforcing their lavish lifestyles. Celebrity

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Chantilly Lace


First produced in France, Chantilly lace has been a special fabric ever since. It is manufactured from thread of hexagons and is very delicate. I am extremely fond of the tops and dresses made out

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Bridal Jackets


Getting married in the colder season? You have to consider quite a lot of things for the marriage. The top priority, of course, is always to stay warm, because it can be very chilly, more

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Wedding Planner


The bride and the groom along with their families often get confused when it comes to organizing the big day. There are countless things which get stocked up in the mind but sometimes the outcome

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Engagement Ring Types


You have selected the man and are all set to get married. Congratulations! Its time you started the planning. Before anything, you have to select the engagement ring. I for one, would never compromise on

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Personalizing The Bridal Gown


Customizing the wedding dress is a brilliant idea. And there are many ways to do it as well. You can add belts & sashes, straps, brooches, statement jewelry, or go for a wedding gown made

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