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Bridal Gown Fabrics


Brides begin to look for a wedding dress as soon as the engagement is done, and sometimes they begin to look even before that. Most brides will go for the best dress within their budget.

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Budget Wedding Tips


Weddings are certainly a grand affair; it takes a lot to arrange for a successful ceremony due to which people often get stressed out. We always end up thinking that the monetary investment which goes

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Floral Wedding Gowns


Bridal gowns have always been a feast for the eyes. A wedding gown made of chiffon fabric, lace, or any other top-quality material makes the bride look ravishing and enhances her beauty on the special

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Celebrity Colored Gowns


Celebrity weddings have always been a star studded affair and everything associated with it turns out to be spectacular. Wedding and white gowns are certainly a match made in heaven and this particular trend was

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Wedding Gown Fabrics


The bride of today has a lot more choices to select the fabric for her wedding gown. If you check the bridal fabrics from Tissura, you will realize that there are indeed plenty of options.

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Engagement Party


You have announced the engagement. Now it’s time for the real fun. It’s time you begin planning for the engagement party. In fact, your family and friends might already be asking when you are going

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Grace Kelly Bridal Looks


Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret supermodel, married Evan Spiegal, who is the founder of Snapchat on May 27th 2017. They kept the marriage a close thing. According to reports, only 45 family and friends

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Satin Wedding Dress


Brides everywhere are now turning to satin for their wedding dress for its lustrous and unique look. A lace wedding dress certainly looks lovely, but if you want to create an instant impact with your

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Beach Wedding Dresses


Spring is never far behind the winter. And yes, just after spring, is the summer, a great time for those beach weddings.Spring is never far behind the winter. And yes, just after spring, is the

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Lace Wedding Dress


Lace is pretty much a “Yes” fabric. Most brides, if not everyone prefers to use lace predominantly in the bridal dress. I love lace dresses. It is super cool, stylish and sexy as well. Romantic

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Wedding Dress Fabric


Choosing the wedding dress is a quintessential task where every bride has to pay attention to the details. Even a minor ignorance or miscalculation can ruin the dress. If you are like me, you will

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Fall-Winter Bridal Trends


Wedding dress trends keep changing with time and often, what goes out of style tend to make a comeback in a big way. I have been keenly following the evolving bridal trends for years. Every

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Wedding Lingerie


What’s the biggest thing in your wedding shopping? Obviously the wedding dress. If you think, you are done with main shopping, I am sorry you are wrong. In fact, wedding lingerie is equally important or

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Colorful Wedding Dresses


While there is a reason to wear white on the wedding day, I love to embrace the D day colorfully. After all, wedding it is a once in a lifetime event. Why not vibrant? I

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