Bridal Gown Fabrics

Brides begin to look for a wedding dress as soon as the engagement is done, and sometimes they begin to look even before that. Most brides will go for the best dress within their budget. That’s normal, because you will certainly want to look best on your big day.

While you will want an amazing design for your wedding gown, it is very important to remember that the fabric you choose for your wedding gown is also going to be very important. Will it be comfortable? Will it look good on you? Is it right for the season and the setting of the wedding? There are so many questions.

Luckily, there are many fabrics to choose from for the ceremony. A little knowledge of the fabrics is always going to help you make the right choice. Here, I have listed some of the best quality wedding gown fabrics for the brides.


georgette wedding dress

Georgette is an extremely light fabric which is certainly suitable for a wedding gown. The flow is smooth and the material is sure to make you feel comfortable. Several brides opt for georgette when it comes to bridal dresses as the fitting of the gown turns out to be quite perfect due to its material. Georgette is bit on the sheer side and is a great material for a wedding dress.


chiffon wedding dress

Chiffon is yet another amazing fabric for wedding gowns. The silk texture of it looks absolutely beautiful and it suits almost everyone. You do not need to worry about the fitting at all if you are planning to wear a chiffon bridal dress on your big day as it’s suitable for all body types. It would be great if you get the material stitched rather than buying a ready made one because the tailor made outfits always stand out. Check out chiffon fabrics for bridal gowns at Tissura.


crepe wedding gown

Crepe can also be a perfect fabric for your special bridal dress. Its texture is quite crisp and there are quite a few varieties of crepe such as silk, cotton, rayon, wool and georgette but people generally go for silk crepe as it is considered luxurious. The fabric gives an amazing appearance to the garments due to which a bride to be should definite go for this particular material.


lace wedding gown

Lace is being used to make wedding gowns since ages. You will see many celebrities wearing a lace wedding dress on their big day. A lace bridal dress enhances the femininity of a woman and makes her look like a dream and on the other hand, it also creates a vintage feel. The amazing fabric is considered to be one of the best materials for making bridal attire as several of them love the look of it.


satin wedding dress

I just love the look of satin wedding gowns and I have mostly suggested people to choose this particular material for their bridal dresses. Just like chiffon even satin goes well with almost every body type because of which the brides worry less about the fitting before trying it out. And who wouldn’t want a well fitted wedding gown for herself on her big day?

Corded Lace:

corded lace wedding dress

This is another stunning fabric for wedding dresses which is very much in demand. It makes the bride look absolutely mesmerizing and you might just end up grabbing all the attention while walking down the aisle if your wedding gown is made out of this particular fabric. Therefore, I would definitely suggest you to go for the fabric, corded lace. An off shoulder a line corded lace bridal dress would just look perfect on any bride.

Organza Cloque:

organza gown

This fabric is originally made out of silk because of which the organza cloque gowns have a nice flow. The material is thin and you won’t feel uneasy wearing it. Silk organza fabrics are preferred by many women and several brides are witnessed wearing a wedding gown made out of this particular material. Therefore, opting for organza cloque bridal dress could turn out to be a great decision.


taffeta wedding gown

A high-end fabric, Taffeta is smooth, plain and crisp. It is made either from cuprammonium rayons or silk. The word comes from Persian language and means ‘twisted woven’. You can create a wedding dress, and ball gown from the material. It is also used to decorate home interiors, especially wall covers and curtains. The starch-type material is able to hold its shape, often better than many other fabrics. Paper taffeta, a variant, is very crisp and thin.


tulle wedding gown

It’s an extremely light fabric which looks like net, therefore, the material is not that heavy and the bride can wear a gown made out of it without being uncomfortable. A tulle ball gown would look perfect on almost every bride due to which you can go for something of that sort for your wedding ceremony. People will surely come up to you and shower you with compliments if you opt for a tulle bridal dress.


rayon wedding dress

This is another fabric many brides like to use for their wedding gown. A versatile fiber, rayon offers the same level of comfort as natural fibers. The slipperiness and drape of the material can make it feel like wearing nylon. A dress made with rayon may often feel like cotton, linen, and silk. The fiber can be dyed easily into many colors, so there can be many options for brides who want an unconventional wedding.


organdy wedding dress

Also called organdie, this is the crispest and sheerest variation of the cotton cloth. Its appearance comes from combed yarns. But remember, the dress can get wrinkled unless you are very careful because of its fiber content and stiffness. You will get organdie in three finishes – stiff, semi-stiff, and soft. Semi-stiff and soft are more popular during the summer.