Budget Wedding Tips

Weddings are certainly a grand affair; it takes a lot to arrange for a successful ceremony due to which people often get stressed out. We always end up thinking that the monetary investment which goes into organizing a wedding is immense but there are several ways of curbing down on it and yet have a splendid ceremony. The bride and the groom try their utmost to make the event a grand one, and so, they opt for the best decoration, food and clothes. But today I will be discussing few ways of cost cutting which will not restrain you from having a big fat wedding ceremony.

Go for Second Copy Gowns and Suits:

white wedding dress

It is true that the idea of purchasing an Armani suit and a Vera Wang wedding gown sounds stellar but for that you also need to shell out a huge amount of moolah. You can certainly go for it without spending so much money as well. All you would require to do is search for a second copy of Armani suit and Vera Wang dress. Or else you can rent your wedding clothes and this could turn out to be a great option as people generally wear their marriage attires only once.

Don’t Hire a Makeup or Hair Artist:

bridal wedding gown

Most women dream of looking gorgeous on their big day as wedding happens to be one of the biggest events of life. Therefore sporting the perfect makeup and hair is definitely important. There is no doubt that an artist is quite professional and he/she is capable of making the bride look gorgeous. But what if you have someone in your family who is quite good at makeup and styling hair? I think that you can ask that person to help you out with it rather than hiring an artist. This way you would end up saving quite a lot of money.

Curb the Guest List:

theme wedding

You really do not need to call each and every distant relative of yours if you are looking for ways of cost cutting. It’s fine not to invite people who are not even in touch with you. Having a private wedding ceremony sounds like a better idea rather as it’s always great to be around people who matter the most on your big day.

Don’t Opt for a Professional Photographer:

bridal photo shoot

Professional photographers often leave us in awe with their mesmerizing clicks and several people end up spending for an expensive photography package for their wedding ceremony. But this might not be worth it if you have an ace photographer friend or someone in the family who is a pro at clicking images. I am sure that they will help you out with it by trying their utmost to come up with great pictures of your big day.

Go for a Sheet Cake:

bridal cake

All of us want our wedding cakes to be a treat to the eyes for others due to which people often decide to go for a tier cake. But you can also ask the baker to make a sheet cake for the ceremony as it will help you in saving some money.

There are many other ways to save money. Take a look at these 5 unique ways to get married on a budget.