Celebrity Colored Gowns

Celebrity weddings have always been a star studded affair and everything associated with it turns out to be spectacular. Wedding and white gowns are certainly a match made in heaven and this particular trend was started by Queen Victoria. But several tinsel town celebrities have ditched the idea of sporting the white gown look on their big day and opted for something different. Some of them were even witnessed wearing a black gown on their wedding ceremony.

Celebrities are known for choosing something out of the box most of the times which later becomes a trend setter for the general public. Likewise, the concept of wedding gowns has also started altering. I have listed some of my favorite celebrity brides below who aced the unconventional look on their wedding.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Gorgeous Black Gown:

sarah jessica parker’s wedding gown

Sarah Jessica Parker tied the knot with Matthew Broderick back in 1997 and looked absolutely stunning in her black wedding gown as she left everyone in awe. The Sex and the City actress started making several headlines right after her wedding due to her unconventional move and people just couldn’t stop talking about her gown. It has been said that Parker didn’t want media to get a hint of her wedding beforehand and that is why she chose to buy a black gown.

Dita Von Teese’s Mesmerizing Purple Gown:

dita von teese wedding gown

American model, Dita Von Teese was spotted in a beautiful purple gown at her wedding ceremony in 2005. She grabbed each and every attention as she looked drop dead gorgeous on her big day. Teese wore a custom designed Vivienne Westwood gown.

Amber Tamblyn Looked Stunning in Yellow:

amber tamblyn wedding gown

Amber Tamblyn married American stand up comedian, David Cross in 2012 and she chose to take a step ahead and appear in a striking bright yellow gown on her wedding ceremony. Tamblyn fetched quite a lot of compliments for choosing an unusual wedding gown.

Kaley Cuoco was Spotted in a Pink Gown:

kaley cuoco wedding gown

Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory fame happened to be another celebrity to go unconventional on her big day. The actress wore a pink Vera Wang gown and looked beautiful in it. However, her marriage with former tennis player, Ryan Sweeting did not last for long as they filed for a divorce right after 21 months of their wedding.

Cynthia Bailey’s Metallic Gray Gown:

cynthia bailey wedding gown

Reality TV star and model Cynthia Bailey’s marriage with Peter Thomas might not have sustained but she aced the metallic gray gown look on her wedding ceremony. It was an absolutely treat to the eyes to witness her as she looked extremely ravishing on her big day.

Chrissy Teigen Drew All Attention with Red:


chrissy teigen wedding gown

Chrissy Teigen’s marriage with American singer, John Legend became the talk of the town back in 2013. Teigen opted for three wedding gowns which turned out to be quite unusual. But the one which grabbed all eyeballs was the stunning red gown which the model wore on her reception. She purchased all her three wedding dresses from Vera Wang.