Colorful Wedding Dresses

While there is a reason to wear white on the wedding day, I love to embrace the D day colorfully. After all, wedding it is a once in a lifetime event. Why not vibrant? I witnesses a few brides nailed it perfectly on their D Day. From gleaming yellow to mesmeric lilac, these brides looked super cool. Ditch the white, go colorful. Envision your big day with colorful connection. Here is my most favorite picks of the colorful brides.

Add a Little Sunshine to Your D-Day

yellow wedding dress

When you feel something is very simple, remember it is classic. The bride chose golden-yellow, customized wedding dress. The choice of yellow, paid homage to the wedding vows on their wedding destination. It accentuated the background theme and the bride was absolutely glorious.

Navy Envy

navy wedding dress

The wedding destination gives infinite number of options to decide the color you wish to embrace. Unless a traditional church wedding, you can eschew the tradition and choose it dark. Navy is one of my favorite shades. It will sing ecstatically on brides. If your wedding venue is classic, embrace this bold hue.

Pretty in Soft Pink

soft pink wedding dress

Pink is always a girl’s favorite shade. In fact, it is dream of many princesses, including me to embrace a wedding in pink theme. Isn’t it the most feminine color? Why not try something with soft pink if you wish to go subtle? The bride wears Marilyn gown, with intricate details on shoulders. The floral prints and elaborated extravagant silhouettes add glamour to the gown.

The Blush

blush hue wedding dress

Brides do blush! Don’t they? The blush hue is a popular shade that most brides embraced perfectly. This shade blends perfectly for a themed wedding. The bridal gown looks detailed with intricate appliquéd bust and layers of skirt. This particular colors, accentuates the beach wedding theme.

Custom Your Soft Shade

custom color wedding dress

When a few brides choose to wear other than white, I’ve seen most of them opted for off-white and cream. It is another version of white, but nothing colorful. Custom your favorite color and tell your designer. Choosing the color wedding dress make all about, which color suits you and the wedding destination. Here, the bride embraces a custom pink gown, for her beach wedding but candy-like sunset background.

Dreamy Bride

dyed wedding dress

Dip-dyed wedding dress is a popular yesteryear trend. I cannot find a better example to portray a dreamy bride, other than who wears dip-dyed wedding dress. It showers with a splash of colors elegantly.

Delightful Lilac

lilac wedding dress

Lilac seems like the most preferred color next to white and soft pink. The bride looks like a bouquet of fresh flowers. The details on the hip line embellished with the architectural layers of bow and sexy silhouettes are purely delight.

Why Not Black?

black wedding dress

Black is never a choice when it comes to wedding colors. Yet, similar to pink, black remains the favorite of many girls. I love black and thought how charismatic a black wedding dress would be! Black wedding dress is not gothic. It’s romantic, deep and gorgeous. Black is real beauty.

Dual Tone

dual tone wedding dress

I heard from many brides, how can I not wear white? They wish to embrace colors but with white! Embrace the dual tones. This is different from dip-dyed dress. Turn your classic white wedding dress into dual toned dress.

When you zero on a colored wedding dress, like our royal brides briefed above, consider the theme of your wedding and your skin tone too!