Fall-Winter Bridal Trends

Wedding dress trends keep changing with time and often, what goes out of style tend to make a comeback in a big way. I have been keenly following the evolving bridal trends for years. Every season comes up with something new and trendy ideas. I love the luxurious and extravagance layers which takes a fresh turn on yesteryear fashion. Yes, the Fall 2017 bridal trend is all about going back to the basics. I enjoyed refreshing ideas of designers. It turned classics into upward fashion trend. Let’s take a look at the top bridal trends for the fall and winter 2017.

It sings and screams fresh and youth loudly.

bridal trends

The Fall 2017 bridal trend dawned beautifully after the end of sheer gowns and sexy silhouettes. It was very evident for me that designers added charm and charisma to the traditionally rooted wedding dresses. I love the voluminous gowns, feminine laces, Victorian necklines, and angelic appliqués. You will fall in love with these top bridal trends for the fall. It is all about youthful textures. It sings “young” and youthful charm all around.

Here are some of the best bridal gowns that have rocked this year’s winter and fall trends. Check them out. I am sure you are going to love how these dresses look. May be, you can get some ideas too.

High-Low Ball Gowns

high low ball gown

High low balls gowns are my personal favorite. However, silhouettes are quite hard to pull off. Designers found a way with a twist on this classic gown. This gown is pretty popular in the runaway show.

Artistic and Extravagant Bows


The falls welcomes the new takes on Bows. Forget about how bows are typically used, just to cinch your waist. Bows aren’t mere ties and knots, but a beautiful add on you can adore with twists. From artistically designed bows to architecturally folded and extravagant, bows are groundbreaking.

The Neckline

Nobody quite expected this trend, to be quite frank. When it comes to be being bold, the necklines took a plunge, suddenly and unexpectedly. Clearly, the days of the demure bride are over. Wearing a gown with a deep neckline is certainly not for everyone, not for now at least, but if you can carry it, then it can look good. The deep neckline is going to flatter your figure and make you look different for sure.


As if that was not enough, many brides are even wearing off-the-shoulder silhouettes now, and they are working into their bridal wear very nicely too. Say “yes” to a bold look! You can go with a vintage in a fitted satin dress or a full, tulle-wrapped bridal off-the-shoulder dress.

A la Mod

modern wedding dresses

If you look for something totally unique in the wedding trend, look for Twiggy, Jackie or Audrey. Minis, skirts and collars are here for you. Yes, these sweet styles took a tool in fall 2017 wedding trend. A word of style tip. When you try something very new, keep your accessories and jewelry minimum.

Bridal Boots

Brides have been traditionally wearing the classic pump with their dress. Now there is a new kind of trend that may surprise you – bridal boots. Many of those wearing the boot are doing so with a shorter version of their wedding dress. However, get ready for more unique styles. For example, here’s a bride who wore cowboy boots for her wedding.

Special Effects

wedding gown

Special effects? On a wedding gown? Yes, even I was confused and checked it twice. There are laces, appliqués, ribbons and embellishments. Special effects adds additional dimension to the gorgeous dress. Yes, 3D gowns. The textures and silhouettes, looks amazingly romantic and enhances the visual appeal. See an amazing collection of bridal fabrics here, including chiffon, crepe, georgette, silk, taffeta, organza, velvet, satin, and more.

Neo Opulence

neo opulence

Sometimes, too much bling for someone may never be too much bling. For me, this makes the best reinvention of the wheel on opulence. It looks light and feels easy. Beading and mirrors are rarely favorites of the brides. The new trend provides the encrusted fabrics, comfortable beading and trimmed tiers.

Boudoir Lace

A slipdress as a daywear is typically a trend that you will find on the streets. Nothing new there! But to be frank, I didn’t expect this trend to come into bridal wear. But I have to admit, the subtle lace trim of this bodice looks really sweet. So you can go for it.

Jumpsuit Trains

You can wear a train with a pantsuit as well. Attached skirts do look good with jumpsuits and won’t be out of place.

Suit It Up

wedding suit

Suits have been a part of classic wedding trend for a long time. You can take inspiration from so many people. The yesteryear hot fashion remerged with distinctive outlook.

Latin Flair

feminine wedding dress

Departed from seasonal traditional vibes of Spanish, Fall 2017 embraced the layers of fringes and tiers of floral work. I love how it lures me. It is extremely fresh, young and luxe in quality. The very feminine wedding dress trend doesn’t call for floral accessories. The soon to be brides embrace this and look hopelessly romantic.

An Extra Froth

bridal dress trends

At times, bridal trend may pop from any corner. I witnessed how the layered skirts emerged as bridal trend. Textured spongy layers add volume like ball gown without looking heavy. The brides to be who is likely to look for wedding dress other than white, go for soft pink, nudes and soft pastels.

Crop Tops

There are so many ways to look different as a bride and rock the show. For example, crop top wedding dresses are now becoming very popular. You can wear a high waist full skirt with a lace crop top and look good in it.

Nothing But Simple

simple wedding gown

I have seen quite a few brides who still choose for simple wedding gown, regardless of the trend. Yes, simple wedding gown, without any layers of embellishing looks appealing. No beads, ruffles, layers, or extravagant silhouettes. Still is classic and classy!

Here are some unexpected bridal trends from Fall 2017.