Floral Wedding Gowns You Will Love

Embrace the summer flowers. Why not select a floral wedding gown – it can be so different, unique, fresh and beautiful. This fashion trend for brides will surely look very romantic too, which is what you need for a wedding. Pastel details, shades of green, beige and different tones and shades make them look lovely. The romantic and dreamy tones have made this a real trend to watch out for. I for one am hooked, and am confident that the trend is going to be huge soon.

rose wedding dress

Floral details on a wedding gown add finesse and elegance to the dress, making it truly remarkable. Flower and pattern designs on the gowns and fine lace embroidery do certainly make these dresses very unique.

Romantic And Refined Wedding Dresses

You can certainly wear a floral wedding gown if you want a romantic wedding and want to look unique on the big day. Plus, these gowns also look very feminine, while looking refined and sophisticated. The ceremonial quality stays unmatched, and can go well with the overall décor and everything else if you plan everything well.

floral wedding dress

When you wear such a dress, you effectively bring both spring and summer on that day. These dresses look awesome in outdoor weddings, but they will work very well in indoor setups as well. Many famous designers like Elizabeth Filmore and Carolina Herera are now working with blossoms of their choice. You will find many floral details in their work, from carefully embroidered dresses, small subtle details, to all over floral patterns and prints.

Pastel Colors

embroidered wedding dress

There are a few dominating colors that are standing out – pastel shades that have gentle tones. But we are also seeing green and red, more so in small embroidery details. Also, what’s unique is that, often the designing is combining the new and old, making them truly unique. The floral details can be seen in almost every fabric for the season, and all wedding dress types – from short dresses to ball gowns, trumpet, or mermaid. Watch out for subtle details like beige and white flowers combining so well, providing a flowery touch to the dress.

Summer Wedding Flowers

floral wedding gown

Dahlia, daisy, hydrangea, peony, and lavender ought to be the best flowers for a wedding in the summer. The dahlia is a bold choice. Available in many colors, they even go with other colors well to make a statement. The daisy is just the opposite. It is lighthearted. You can have a dress made with traditional yellow and white daisies. But there is also the bold Gerbera daisy.

floral bridal dress

The spectacular shades of lush hydrangeas are perfect for summer. The blooms mixed well look gorgeous. You can have bouquet or centerpieces with them too. But for a truly romantic feel, go for peony. They ooze romance. The other flower I like is lavender. Elegant and charming, it gives a chic French feel to the wedding.