French Lace Wedding Dresses

You will certainly want the best bridal gown you can get for your wedding. You will look pretty in it, and the gown will remain etched in your memory forever. Lace could be the perfect material. It is delicate, elegant, and so feminine. Yes, there are many amazing fabric options for bridal gowns, but I feel French lace ranks at the top.

Understanding the Lace Fabric

Lace is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated fabrics you will find, and it is perfect for a wedding dress. Lace dresses are very airy and fine, so your lining could be with any material, without you having to worry about adding weight. A delicate and patterned fabric, with an open weblike pattern, lace is made with machines, but sometimes, the intricate handwork is done by braiding, twisting, or looping a thread.

Lace first arrived in the late 15th century. At that time, the threads used were made of gold, silver, silk, or linen. The fabric has been popular since the 17th century. Now the best quality lace is from Italy and France.

French Lace

French lace is referred to the fabric that is designed and made in France. It is one of the finest quality laces you can find anywhere in the world. French lace comes in floral patterns and is often decorated with beading, embroidery and metallic threads. The use of modern machines has made French lace more affordable now. The lace is often used to make bridal gowns and evening dresses. You can also wear French lace with satin or leather in a mini dress to look provocative and edgy. French lace is often popular with the celebrities. You will often see them wearing the fabric.

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Here is some of my favorite French lace wedding dress ideas.

Bare Back Lace Bridal Dress:

bare back lace bridal dress

A beautiful back open lace bridal gown will certainly make you look ravishing. Go for a subtle makeup and a nice hairdo to grab all the attention as people are going to shower you with compliments. Opt for something similar to the picture given right below because the gown looks absolutely stunning. It certainly got my attention when I was looking for some awesome French lace wedding dresses and had to share it with you all. Therefore, going for something like this would definitely turn out to be the right choice.

Single Layer Lace French Bridal Gown:

lace french bridal gown

An ivory color single layer bridal dress would look stunning on almost every woman. Your big day is extremely special to you due to which everything is arranged with perfection. Therefore, this particular wedding gown will surely be perfect for you. Ask your tailor to put a belt on the waist section of the dress as it would look quite good. The best part about such gowns is the vintage look which it gives. It’s something very mesmerizing.

Two Piece Wedding Dress:

two piece wedding dress

Want to try something totally unconventional on your big day and stun everyone? Well! You can than go for a two piece French lace bridal dress which would turn out to be something unusual yet gorgeous. One can wear this type of bridal gown if her wedding venue is set on a beach. I personally find such bridal dresses out of the box and quite awesome. Therefore, I would definitely suggest the bride to think about this particular option.

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The Mermaid Bridal Dress:

mermaid bridal dress

I have seen several people sporting a mermaid wedding gown on their big day because it looks extremely elegant. A French lace mermaid bridal dress would turn out to be even classier. If a white color is not the necessary option, you can try Solstiss lace fabrics, which are guaranteed to help you create a heavenly gorgeous look. So, do not mull on it much and just opt for something quite similar to the image which you can see above.

The Boho Bridal Gown:

boho bridal gown

Pick a bohemian wedding gown for your big day and sport a chic look. It is bound to look extremely pretty on you because of its stylish outlook. Wear a flower crown on your head to sport the exact boho look. You can select a French lace bohemian bridal dress which would have a v cut at the back.

Taking Care of your French Lace Fabric

French lace is a very delicate fabric, but it will last for long if you take good care of it.

Remember, lace can snag both during wearing and sewing, as it is a net-like fabric. The fabric has an open weave structure, so a lot of effort and knowledge is needed to mend the damage. It is best not to wash your French lace dress at home – go for a professional service. You don’t want to ruin your wedding gown or evening dress. Even if the fabric can be washed at home, but the shoulder pads, zippers, and buttons will make it more difficult for you to wash at home. They can easily get damaged. This is why you need professional help.

Also remember, some lace fabrics are more fragile, so check its composition. For cotton and silk, you need to be extra careful. Dry cleaning is often the best solution.