Garden Wedding Reception

Decoration certainly is one the most important things about weddings. The bride and groom along with their families start mulling on several ideas before arranging for something mesmerizing so that their guests are left in awe. I feel that receptions are equally important as weddings and almost everyone end up paying much heed to its theme.

Talking about my personal favorite, I just love a garden wedding because you can decorate the lawn or the garden in so many innovative ways which look absolutely gorgeous. I always prefer an open air area for receptions because the feeling of enjoying the grand occasion outdoors is something quite different.

Here are some garden wedding decoration ideas you may find useful.

Beautiful Beach-side Decoration Concept:

beach side wedding

Nothing can beat the view of the sea and the feel of the grass. This particular garden wedding reception idea is something quite romantic; all you have to do is select a place which has the lawn just opposite to the beach so that you can take a view of the sea through the transparent window. Ask your decorator get some awesome lights and chandeliers to enhance the ambiance even more. One can never say no to this idea so go for something of this sort on your big day to leave the guests speechless.

The Spacious Garden Area Concept:

garden wedding

Go for a huge garden area if your guest list is quite long because you would obviously not want your guests to feel congested. A spacious place for any event always turns out to be great due to which one should definitely keep this in mind before making any arrangements. Opt for decorated round tables with chairs around it and put a flower center piece right in the middle of the table. You can also ask you wedding manager to put a floor runner on the garden.

The Tent Like Set-Up:

tent wedding theme

This particular garden wedding reception decoration idea is absolutely my favorite because it’s just beautiful and so eye catchy. You can go for white tables decorated with flowers and wooden chairs with white cushions. The tent like set-up will be liked by all your guests for sure and they might even end up praising the concept.

5 Piece Flower Decoration Idea:

garden wedding flower arrangement

If you have set-up your reception in a garden area then it’s quite important for the tables to look class apart because that certainly happens to be the center of attraction. You can place some gorgeous five piece flower center pieces on the tables as it would look out of the world. So, do not forget to think about this idea before making arrangements.

The Rectangular Row Table Concept:

garden wedding table decoration

Select a spectacular garden area and place some rectangular row tables decorated with beautiful flower embellishments. Team up the tables with wooden chairs which would look perfect. Therefore, this particular garden wedding reception is also quite mesmerizing and eye catchy.