Italy Honeymoon Destinations

Italy is perfect as a honeymoon destination. The country has everything – a beautiful sea line, stunning islands, lakes, great food and drinks, history, famous landmarks, and culture. Italy is a perfect destination for honeymooners too, whether you want to do things or just laze around.

Here is my top list –

The Amalfi Coast:

amalfi coast

Check out the stunning Amalfi Coast, just south of Naples. You can spend quality time with your partner here at the small beaches or visit the islands of Capri and Ischia. Both are worth the visit. The coast is dotted with pastel colored villages which make Amalfi Coast look even more serene. The steep cliffs and the blue sea come together to create a stunning landscape. Don’t miss Sorrento and Positano. You can even take a boat ride to visit these places. There are other beautiful places too like Sallerno, and Amalfi.

The Romantic Italian Lakes:

lake como

Fashion conscious couples must visit Milan. Just a hop away from the city is the Lake District of Italy. These lakes are perfect for your honeymoon. Choose from Lake Garda, Como, and Maggiore. There is Lago de Lugano too, which extends into Switzerland. Lake Como is perhaps the most popular, but the others are worth your visit as well. Take a boat tour or go on a hike. See the villas of George Clooney and other celebrities. A short distance away is the Dolomite Hills, another area of amazing beauty.

Venice, Forever:


The traditional Venetian boat is famous the world over, and a must do for the honeymoon couple visiting Italy. You are sure to remember the gondola ride on the Grand Canal forever. Even the smaller canals are very attractive. See the famous landmarks and discover some hidden gems. Once done, you can take the gold balcony seat and watch opera and ballet performances.

Explore Tuscany:


The green valleys, rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany are a must visit. You can stay at one of the beautiful farmhouses or chateaus here. Go on wine tasting tours. Or visit Florence, the birth-place of the Renaissance. Remember to take a picture of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge if you are in Florence. You can visit the famous plazas of Pisa and the old medieval town centre of Siena too. Remember, Tuscany offers a landscape right out of a romantic novel.


Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance art and architecture, will surely be another top choice for honeymoon in Italy, especially for those who are artistically inclined. The city is breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing. Being the capital of Tuscany, you can combine Florence with the countryside and vineyards as well for an awesome post wedding dream tour. Enjoy the fine wine of Italy here, great food, and plenty of romance in the air. There are many old castles to explore too. Of course, don’t miss the famous landmarks of Florence, and the beautiful old lanes and cobbled streets. See the Ponte Vecchio Bridge where couples like to throw keys over the bridge. The golden sunset from the Piazzale Michelangelo is a dream as well.

Cinque Terre:

cinque terre

Cinque Terre is a bit like the Amalfi Coast, but this is more for those who want to go on walking tours. See the picture-postcard villages along the coast. The paths and railways make Cinque Terra special. Try the pesto and focaccias, and also the two famous wines of the region.


Portofino is awesome, the perfect blend of rustic charm and sheer class. It’s an incredibly scenic harbor village, a hidden gem you will fall in love with instantly. There are very few people on the hillside, which makes Portofino a tiny, peaceful resort town, but it’s very charismatic. Walk along the waterfront and you will realize just how romantic Portofino is. There are many cruisers and yachts in the marina. The Roman founders used to call it “Port of the Dolphin” because many dolphins reportedly were sighted here and to this day too.



Want to stay close to nature but prefer fewer people? Try Piedmont in northwestern Italy where you can stay within the mountain ranges of the Alps. There are ageless castles and palaces here you two can explore. Fewer people visit Piedmont, though the region is stunning, so it is perfect for the honeymoon couple.


Italy’s big island Sardinia besides Sicily is also a fascinating choice, and like Portofino, it is very beautiful and romantic. Sardinia is remote too and has very little population. If you are an intrepid traveler, and want more of an outdoor vacation time in your honeymoon, then Sardinia could be just the right choice for you. For a start, there are gorgeous sandy beach (most nude beaches in Italy are here as well), and there are beautiful hikes. There is also mountain biking, sailing, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities to choose from.


Finally, there is Cilento. This coast isn’t as popular as Amalfi or the Cinque Terre, but it is as beautiful, which serves you just fine, because there are going to be fewer people and more privacy. As a bonus, you will find untouched Italian culture here as well, because most of the people here are locals. So you will get to experience Italian life, which can be very rewarding.

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