Wedding Ideas Inspired By Lace

Lace is one of the most popular fabrics for bridal gowns. It is extremely pretty to look at, very feminine, and comfortable to wear. It is a traditional choice for embellishments for the wedding dress. It’s your special day, and surely, you want to dazzle everyone with your wedding dress. Yes, you will look pretty and surely dazzle with lace. No wonder, the lace fabric is so popular for bridal wear.

But not just the dress, lace can look good in your overall wedding theme as well. Here are a few outstanding ideas for you.

Lace Favor Ideas

lace favor idea

There are so many ways to arrange lace favors and favor displays. For instance, you can wrap cookies in contrasting squares, twist the ends, and place a strip of lace on top. Tie the ends with colored twine. Or you can send off your guests with candies, folded with paper lace. You can add a sticker with the initials of the bride and groom as the seal for a personal touch. These dollies can be in various shapes too.

wrapped favor

Else, you can imprint intricate lacy patterns after folding candy into favor bags. Just run them through a printer and then fold on the seam side. They can be folded into bold shapes as well. There can also be other elegant lacy pouches, like pillow boxes stuffed with bonbons and perhaps scrap of flowers on top, candles with eyelet ribbon and lace, soaps tied with dainty lace, and more.

Lace Cake Decorations

cupcake tower

Re-imagine lace with a unique contemporary cake. Cut sugar-paste floral appliqués with a knife, affix to a netting-like grid, and then imprint on ivory fondant. It will look delicate, antique, and futuristic. A cupcake tower decorated with lace also looks nice. Just print out clipart borders, cut them to fit the lids and boxes, build tiers of boxes, and wrap lace trims all around. The playful castle will be transformed into edible art. There can be many boxes. Mix and match short and tall stacks.

lace inspired cake

This one is for simplicity and purity. Place a big rose on the top. Decorate the white tiers with confectionery bands that are inspired by a lace bridal gown.

Cone Lanterns

cone lanterns

Invite guests to a festive candy buffet with beautiful lanterns. You can add mini lights powered by battery. Designer and vintage lace can be used for making these lanterns. Spray prints on sheets of paper, cut them out, and fold into cones. Use the scraps as wraps for your containers.

Lace Stationery

lace stationery

You can create escort cards, lacy guest books, wrapped seating cards, all decorated with beautiful lace. For escort cards, just lay a piece of lace over colored paper, and coat it with clear spray paint. Many style options – romantic, intricate, graphic, or simple. You can also enhance the look of your paper of cloth covered guest book by adding lace and spray painting. Peel the lace away once it is dry.

Photo Booth

lace photo booth

Make your own photo booth with a lace-patterned canvas backdrop. Find and download a nice design and print the file. Hang it at the reception. Make your friends and the photographer all those moments that will stay memorable. You can also add them to your guest book.