Do’s And Don’ts For Mother Of The Bride

The wedding of your son or daughter is surely going to be exciting. It will be a proud moment. But it’s also likely to be very stressful as well, and when you are stressed, it can bring out all sorts of emotions, which can cause misunderstandings. You definitely have the best intentions, but sometimes, many moms get a bit too involved or excited. They may say things that can be hurtful or offensive.

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Don’t cross that line. Here are a few tips you are likely to find very useful.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

Never try to change the details of the big day unless you are a central part of the planning. The bride probably has already pre-approved the plans, and professionals are working on the decorations and the schedule.

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Regarding the dress, its best to talk it over with the other mom before. Make the first move if you are the mother of the bride. Often, the groom’s mom will hesitate to ask. Usually, the mother of the bride will choose a dress first. The best solution will be to shop together. This way, the two of you will be able to plan and choose the colors and designs together. A perfect team work!

But whatever you choose, make sure always that you are comfortable in it. And of course, the dress has to be appropriate. Your dress shouldn’t show a lot of skin, and it should be of the right length. Wear a lightweight fabric with easy colors for outdoor weddings. Avoid champagne, ivory, and white colors. Jacquard fabric is a good choice. All natural, you will find it in many styles and colors. The luster stays for a long time too.

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Make sure that you don’t get yourself drunk at any pre-wedding event and certainly not during the wedding. The future in-laws and your daughter don’t need to worry about how to get you home. It will be a huge embarrassment if you do the wrong things when you had a glass more than you should have.

Of course, you must also behave like an adult. Avoid flirting around with the waiter. Do not jump with the bridesmaids into the swimming pool. Behave like a parent and avoid embarrassing your child.

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You may not like your new son or the in-laws, but that doesn’t mean you can show displeasure in public. Avoid talking negatively to the guests and even to your best friend. Someone may overhear what you are saying, and this will surely be gossip material, which you want to avoid. Remember, you are the mother of the bride, so people will notice you. Most important – never say negative things while giving your toast.

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This is a big day of your daughter. You mean well, but what you want may not necessarily mean that she wants it too. She will be the happiest if everything goes just as she wants. Respect that.