How To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Super-Convenient

Outdoor wedding in the summer is a wonderful idea. It’s the perfect season too. The overall vibe of your ceremony is surely going to be enhanced if you take it outdoors. But let me tell you, you will need to make some extra provisions and preparations for the outdoor event. After all, you must make the wedding both convenient and comfortable. If you are planning the outdoor wedding at this time, you must do everything possible to make it enjoyable. Hospitality should be the highest priority.

outdoor summer wedding

Here are some tips to help you. I am sure they will help you plan better.

Keep Several Snack And Drink Stations

If you are expecting a lot of guests in the reception, then just a single bar for refreshments may not be enough. If you just have a single station, then you will force your guests to walk across the ground for their snacks and drinks, which isn’t exactly convenient in the summer. Plus, they will also have to line up. They could have spent this time socializing instead. Also, there will be a commotion at the station, which you could have avoided.

wedding snacks

So have several stands placed strategically. I believe, a catering service that carries the snacks and drinks to the guests in rolling carts and trays is an even better idea.

Restroom Trailers

Many in your guest list are likely to be young children and aged people. It may be difficult for some of them at least to spend a long time without visiting the restroom. So your restrooms cannot be a long distance away.

wedding restrooms

Best, keep the facilities within 100 yards or so. This will ensure that the restrooms can be accessed easily. Satellite Restroom Trailers and porta potties will do just fine. Trailers are obviously the better option as they are more functional and aesthetic.

Many Shady Areas

wedding tent

Outdoor weddings are good because of the Sun. It makes the scenery more beautiful, and gives you wonderful sunsets, but the Sun can be your enemy as well, especially in the summer if you are sitting exposed for a long time. It can then become very overbearing. Go for umbrellas, tents, gazebos, and shade-making structures so your guests can have a place to cool down if they are feeling the heat.

Stay Close To An Indoor Area

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Best, combine an outdoor wedding with an indoor venue to make it super comfortable and convenient for your guests. You can then have the wedding feast inside to avoid the mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. You will also have the backup in case the weather changes suddenly. It will also be very convenient for the guests who want to take a break and stay indoors for a while on a hot day.

These suggestions will help you avoid some common inconveniences of an outdoor wedding in the summer. You will end up having a better-planned wedding. It’s also a good idea to talk in advance with a few of your guests to find out what will make it more convenient for them.