Beach Wedding Dress Ideas


There are many things to consider when you are planning a beach wedding. For instance, you have to sit the guests to make sure the sun is not on their eyes. There has to be

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Wedding Dresses For Guests


Fall is a great time of the year for weddings. The weather is comfortable and the backdrops are gorgeous. During the fall, guests can choose from long sleeves, rich jewel tones, prints, and heavy fabrics

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Bridal Fashion Week Trends


Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017 has come and gone, showing us the latest trends in bridal fashion. Personally, I am always looking to catch these trends and see many gorgeous gowns. And this time, I

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Good Wedding Etiquette


The wedding is surely going to be one of the most memorable days in your life, and naturally, you need to be your best on the day. You have to appear sincere, appropriate, loving, and

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Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas


We all look forward to our best friend’s marriage to be a part of her happiness. I loved it when I could stand beside my best friend as her bridesmaid. But it is important that

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Gifts For Grooms


The wedding season is certainly quite joyous as you get to meet your close friends and family, perhaps after a long time and also be a part of the bride and the groom’s happiness. But

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Unconventional Wedding Venues


Weddings are not stereotypical any more, as people are getting creative and want to experiment many things to make the big day different and more memorable. That’s true for wedding venues as well. You will

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Mermaid Wedding Dresses


For a woman, her wedding day is of course the most precious occasion. She dreams of a spectacular wedding but also wants to look gorgeous. If you are going to get married soon, or are

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Wedding Reception Tips


Don’t we all dream of the perfect wedding where every single thing will be just amazing? Right from the grandeur to the attires, everything is extremely important. Many of you out there are about to

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Celebrity Weddings


Celebrity weddings are always the talk of the town. The media, designers, would-be-brides and everyone else look up to see what they are wearing on the big day. And we often end up following the

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Beach Wedding


You have to select the right destination while planning your dream wedding. This is one selection that is going to set the tone for the entire process. And so, you have to get it right,

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Fall Wedding Ideas


A fall wedding can be really charming, romantic, and sweet, particularly in the outdoors. Imagine how good it would be, getting married amid all those colorful autumn leaves all around. Plus, there are those pumpkin

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Italy Honeymoon Destinations


Italy is perfect as a honeymoon destination. The country has everything – a beautiful sea line, stunning islands, lakes, great food and drinks, history, famous landmarks, and culture. Italy is a perfect destination for honeymooners

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Garden Wedding Reception


Decoration certainly is one the most important things about weddings. The bride and groom along with their families start mulling on several ideas before arranging for something mesmerizing so that their guests are left in

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