Wedding Lingerie


What’s the biggest thing in your wedding shopping? Obviously the wedding dress. If you think, you are done with main shopping, I am sorry you are wrong. In fact, wedding lingerie is equally important or

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Colorful Wedding Dresses


While there is a reason to wear white on the wedding day, I love to embrace the D day colorfully. After all, wedding it is a once in a lifetime event. Why not vibrant? I

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Wedding Dress Ideas


Cream. Ivory. Off-white. And of course white. No wait. Wedding shopping may appear like a blur of similar colors. I would like to recall that there is more to colors. In fact, I pay attention

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Top 9 Wedding Dress


Help me! I am engaged. I am in an absolute chaos about how to choose the wedding dress. What are the latest wedding dress trends?

These are some common but most important questions that soon to

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