Taffeta Wedding Gown

There sure are many fabric options for wedding gowns, but Taffeta ranks at the very top, to me, at least. Taffeta is a smooth, crisp, and plain woven fabric that is made from cuprammonium rayons or silk. In Persian language, the word stands for “twisted woven”. The material is generally used for making ball bridal dresses and stitching corsets. I am absolutely in love with the material, and so suggest the fabric to all brides. Often called a “luxury fabric”, the texture of Taffeta is really attractive, making a taffeta gown look very elegant and feminine.

Extremely Lightweight Material

taffeta bridal gown

It’s best to wear something comfortable for your wedding. Often, a fancy wedding gown could be quite heavy. A taffeta bridal gown will never feel like that. The material is quite lightweight, and so the bride can carry it easily. Taffeta has got sheen like texture which means that the garments made out of it sticks to the body. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the fitting.

How Does Taffeta and Satin Differ from Each Other?

difference between taffeta and satin

You may feel that satin and taffeta are just the same but I would say that both the materials are similar and they do differ from each other. Taffeta sports the exact look like satin but the feel of the former’s texture is much more intense. And on the other hand, you will find holding the shape of taffeta much easier. Therefore, people often end up choosing this particular material for their wedding gowns. And I think you should also give it a try if you are a bride to are looking for some advice on the material of your bridal dress.

You can buy Taffeta fabric from Tissura. A taffeta wedding gown is a hot fashion trend for brides. You are sure to feel comfortable in it and will keep looking gorgeous.

The Inception of Modern Taffeta

origin of taffeta

Talking about the establishment of the modern taffeta, it was first woven in two countries, France and Italy and later it was extended to Japan. And coming to the current scenario, many raw silks taffeta is today manufactured in Pakistan as well as India while Middle East and Southeast Asia countries also produce the fabric.

Why Taffeta?

taffeta wedding gown

There are a quite a lot of reasons for choosing a taffeta wedding gown and the most important thing is its premium fibers which gives an outstanding look. The material has also got a lustrous surface and on the other hand you can also say that taffeta has a crisp texture which is another plus point about the fabric. I think that the quality of a particular material matters a lot and according to me, taffeta is the perfect fabric for a bridal dress and one should definitely try it out.