Top 9 Wedding Dress

Help me! I am engaged. I am in an absolute chaos about how to choose the wedding dress. What are the latest wedding dress trends?

These are some common but most important questions that soon to be brides likely question themselves and ask me. Just like many women out there, I was also in a sartorial dilemma. Hardly a few bride-to-be girls pre-design a fantasy wedding dress in their mind. Sometimes, it may out of trend. I remember a close associate of mine, who was utterly gone out of trend on her D-Day.

Choosing a wedding dress is not an easy task. Remember, you should stay tuned to current wedding dress trends and need to know what suits you. Here, I’ve combed and compiled the biggest and popular wedding dress trends of 2017. Hope you will get a lot of ideas that fits your budget, preference and taste.

Décolletage – Wedding Dress Trend #1



Décolletage is the hottest wedding day essential. Lela Rose, Marchesa and a few other bridal favorites voted for Décolletage wedding dress. Sexy but less boob-y, sensual as well as sophisticated than a strapless gown. I suggest a sweetheart neck line that cuts just above the chest, featuring a heart shaped neckline. It offers just but perfect exposure on the D-day.

Lace and Lots of Lace – Wedding Dress Trend #2

Lace demure gown

Heavy lace gowns always remain a hottest wedding dress trend. I always prefer to wear laces around. It’s sexy, stylish, charismatic and romantic. I’ve noticed that popular brands embellish the wedding dresses with layers of lace. Besides, the brides seek for high neck demure gowns.

3D Floral Embellishments – Wedding Dress Trend #3

3D floral dress

I can’t remember even a single arena where 3D alien. Why not try and embellish 3D designs in wedding dress? Yes, it is here. 3D floral dresses look rich, feminine, hot and sensual. I bet, these are not merely floral embellishments like ordinary silhouettes. 3D floral dresses are made of heavy layers of embroideries, hyper textural silhouettes, large paillettes and beads. Why not flaunt you in 3D on your big day?

Sleek Ball Gowns – Wedding Dress Trend #4

sleek ball gown

When I think about ball gowns, it obviously reminds me of fairy tales. Of course, every wedding is a dream of a princess. This is the evolving wedding dress trend. I have noticed that 2017 is more about adding a trendy twist on classic wedding fashion. Ball gowns never go out of sight. Take a twist on the traditional ball gowns, make it sleek, and add dramatic silhouettes which make striking attire for you.

Keep it Minimal – Wedding Dress Trend #5

minimalist wedding dress

Simplicity and minimalism always rules the fashion world. As I mentioned before, tweak the 90s fashion with a twist. ASOS Bridal design head states, current high street trend stems out from 90s. Effortless dressing and keeping it minimal is the latest wedding dress trend of 2017.

Trousers – Wedding Dress Trend #6

bridal jumpsuits

When I hunt for wedding dress trends 2017, I noticed that there is a strong emphasize on finding the dress which is more than mere a wedding gown. There is no limitation on choosing the wedding dress. You can choose it from high street fashion or inspire from designer names, get it personally designed from a novice designer, or from a typical wedding store. Out of all these choices, many brides and soon to be brides opted for wedding jumpsuits! It’s an upcoming trend to watch for.

Colors – Wedding Dress Trend #7

color wedding dress

I always think, ‘why always white, why not splash some colors on the big day?’ I love and I enjoy adding some pastel shades and sublime seasonal colors to the wedding dress. Soft pink, coral blue, spring time greens, and dewy lavender are a few soft colors that can play well.

Bows – Wedding Dress Trend #8

bow wedding dress

To bow or not to bow is no more a pondering question. Gear up soon to be brides, bows are back! I mean, back in trend. Be it any size, bows certainly grab all attention. It creates dramatic view on your wedding dress. Go big, get a little fun, add a dose of femininity and show off a bold finishing to your otherwise elegant wedding dress.

Glamorous Bohemia – Wedding Dress Trend #9

boho wedding dress

Designer Jenny Packham came up with the glam collection of wedding trend, inspired by the American Midwest. It adds more glam and playful take on the elegant silhouettes. Glam Bohemia is one of the best selling wedding styles. Heavy ornamental beaded embellishments nestled with soft floral embroidery add Bohemia element to the wedding gown.



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