Wedding Dress Ideas

Cream. Ivory. Off-white. And of course white. No wait. Wedding shopping may appear like a blur of similar colors. I would like to recall that there is more to colors. In fact, I pay attention to details than merely on colors. If you look for best wedding dresses check out here. Here is my compilation about the latest collection of refreshing wedding trends 2018. The designers poured the new and charismatic bridal looks, twisted style with a contemporary tweak, vintage inspired and many more.

Oversized Bows

over sized bows

I always love to wear a little bow on any gown. The seasonal brands made it dramatic and oversized bows are hot in trend. Flaunt that mass appeal and chic outlook with oversized bow decorating your wedding silhouette.

Non-Traditional Jewelry

non-traditional jewelry

Pay attention to details, other than wedding gown. I suggest you choose the jewelry meticulously that accentuates your wedding dress. Say no to the boring single drop ear rings. Bridal body jewelry seems a refreshing wedding trend of 2018, embrace it.

Voluminous Victorian

voluminous victorian

Do you love period dramas? To be precise, Shakespeare! Well, I can watch the Prejudice without moving a muscle. If you love the style, go for voluminous Juliet Capulet sleeves. Romanticize the Victorian volume on your big day. You are sure to look special.

Why Not Capelets


While capelets are for the brides who always feel cold, you might consider including to your wedding dress. I loved the crystal encrusted capelet at Christian Siriano. Look out for designs where you can add capelets attached to wedding dress or just buy a cape, so you can wear anytime later.

3D Floral Embellishments

3D floral embellishments

3D is the sweetest graphic you can add to the wedding dress. It is the hottest, latest and most refreshing wedding trend of 2018. It adds classy textures to the wedding silhouette and compliments you. Intense and intricate embroidery, layers of motifs and textures, can transform simple elegant wedding gown into a charismatic dream.

Twisted Veils

twisted veils

Dramatic styling tricks accentuate your wedding dress. Try it on veils. Ingenious tricks on veils never fail. I love the style of wrapping the veil around the neck, just like jewelry. You can wear it across the shoulders or craft a floral knot.

Add a Little Magic With Black

black dress

Black is never an option in wedding trends and even accessories. I agree! However, a little bit of black won’t do any harm. For instance, a high contrast color can add elaborate and dramatic intensity to your white wedding dress. Trim the dress with black. I love velvety black ribbon.

Flutter Sleeves

flutter sleeves

If you ask me how to show up or add more femininity, I suggest flutter sleeves. The ruffled cap sleeve adds depth and new dimension to the wedding dress. Flutter sleeves makes a perfect addition to the boho bride and beach wedding.


wedding gloves

Accessorizing is an important part of wedding dress. Remember, you should accessorize to accentuate your appearance. I pretty much love adding little accessories which adds more detail and sophistication to the wedding dress. I am saying about gloves. Just imagine, adding a netted glove or satin glove to your off shoulder wedding gown can dramatically transform you. Gloves are classic and versatile. You can wear it as you prefer, from wrist length to shoulder length.

Nothing But Just Casual

casual wedding dress

Wedding is big and hopefully, you get married only once. If you ask me, I will always want to make it extra special, in every way possible, and the dress or fashion is certainly very important. It is where you and even I love to embrace the extravagance.

Yet, you can stay so comfy and cool on your big day, without losing your mark. Partying outfit had a twist and got its place in wedding trends of Bridal Week Spring 2018. It showcased the latest trends. Take inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw, Sexy and the City. She flaunts the tulle-skirt and tank effortlessly, but big.