Wedding Gown Fabrics

The bride of today has a lot more choices to select the fabric for her wedding gown. If you check the bridal fabrics from Tissura, you will realize that there are indeed plenty of options. To make the right choice, select the material based on the time of year when you will be married, and whether the wedding will be outdoors or indoors. Narrow your choice further by price.

Before buying your wedding gown material, consider whether your wedding will be a formal or an informal event. For instance, a delicate fabric might be the right choice in an indoor formal wedding. For an outdoor informal wedding, choose a material that won’t wrinkle easily. It shouldn’t be too delicate. Every fabric has its own pros and cons.


chiffon wedding dress

This is a machine-woven material from synthetic fibers, such as nylon or silk. The material is transparent, sheer and soft chiffon fabric. It is used often in the over skirts, gown’s skirts, sleeves and wraps and is layered often. Chiffon is sometimes made from rayon or silk. Rayon is more affordable, while silk is expensive. The soft, fluid drape works well in sheer sleeves, empire gowns, ball gown, layered wedding, and over skirts.

Chiffon Wedding Dress Ideas

Bridal chiffon is an exclusive fashion trend. It is such an airy and light fabric that you will feel very light and free on your big day. Chiffon creates a comfortable and less formal bridal style, and will be a perfect choice whether you are planning an intimate garden celebration, a destination wedding or a beach event.

There are chiffon wedding dress with short or long sleeves, with lace top, dresses with empire waist, chiffon and lace wedding dresses, and chiffon beach wedding dresses. So there are plenty of options to choose from.


georgette wedding dress

This is a lightweight and sheer fabric that is made of silk or polyester with a crepe surface. It is floaty and light and is good for a top layer. The material forms a soft silhouette. You can use Georgette for ball gowns, wedding gowns, mermaid, and empire styles.

Georgette Wedding Dress Ideas

Georgette or silk georgette is often considered as an alternative to chiffon. The material drapes perfectly, and flows smoothly, thus letting you create a graceful and soft silhouette. The fabric is a great choice for wedding dresses. It is also durable and soft, so you don’t have to worry about accidental tears and embarrassments. You can further enhance the beauty with embroidery work.

There is stretch georgette that epitomizes elegance. You can add beadwork too. Add a stunning illusion neckline to look even better. A satin waistband can add more detail, making your georgette wedding dress look even more stunning.

Choose the right fabric for your wedding gown style at the Tissura online fabric store.


satin wedding dress

This material is obtained from either synthetic fibers like nylon or natural silk. There is a high thread count in satin because of the many fiber layers. Most brides who wear this material use silk satin fabric for their wedding gowns. There are variants like bridal satin, peau de soie, and duchess satin that looks like satin, but is obtained from woven silk. It is a heavier fabric because of the high thread count, and is often preferred in the winter.

There is also Italian satin, which is heavier and comes with an antique sheen, slipper satin, which s soft and light and shiny, and peach satin that is finely woven and smooth.

Satin Wedding Dress Ideas

Satin wedding dresses are always one of my personal favorites. They have always been popular, and why not, after all, the silky feel and glossy fabric is just what you need on the wedding day. Satin is sophisticated, rich, and elegant. It can be a show-stopper.

Satin looks awesome with lace! You can wear a dress with a plunge neckline that looks so feminine, or a dress with elegant straps and rich beading that travels all the way back. A satin mermaid bridal gown, a gown with spaghetti straps, A-Line off the shoulder long satin dress, and a flare wedding dress with beaded straps will also look gorgeous.


lace wedding dress

Made by hand or machine, this is a delicate fabric that has an open web-like pattern. Lace can be woven from cotton or silk, and there are many types of weaves, like for instance, Chantilly embroidered. Lace has a rich and buttery soft finish with fine ribs. It has semi stiff drape and medium weight, which is why the material is considered best for formal wedding gowns, mermaid and ball gowns.

Lace Wedding Dress Ideas

A lace bridal gown is always the classical choice. It will be the right choice if you want that picture-perfect dress. But there are many lace options to choose from, each offering its own effect to the gown, such as corded lace, embroidered lace, guipure lace, and silk lace among others.

A sweetheart gown with an open back, complimenting the A-line silhouette will be a good choice for the summer wedding, while a fit and flare gown with a revealing open back might be the better option for spring. Its fitted bodice will accentuate your natural curves. You can have its sweetheart neckline adorned with corded appliqués to add an elegant touch. For a winter wedding, wear a long sleeve lace bridal gown with a revealing deep v-back. It can have a long lace train and elegant long sleeves.


crepe wedding dress

Crepe is acetate, soft silk, or a rayon fabric that has a crinkled surface and a gauzy texture. It is heavier compared to Georgette, and has a soft drape. The crepe material is best for soft silhouettes, ball gowns, mermaid, and empire styles.

Crepe Wedding Dress Ideas

In crepe too, you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can wear a dress with an illusion neckline, a dress with crepe high-neck sheath, v-neck spaghetti strap, or a boat-neck sleeveless embellished wedding gown. There are silk crepe wedding gowns, long sleeve and short sleeve options, mermaid, and plain crepe designs too.

There are many other materials used to make wedding gowns apart from the ones mentioned above, like velvet, brocade, organdy, organza, polyester, rayon, silk, tulle, charmeuse, Taffeta, Twill, and cloque among others.