Wedding Lingerie

What’s the biggest thing in your wedding shopping? Obviously the wedding dress. If you think, you are done with main shopping, I am sorry you are wrong. In fact, wedding lingerie is equally important or even more important than choosing the bridal gown. This might sound scary, but I bet this is crucial.

bridal lingerie

Wrong lingerie on your big day easily ruins your beautiful wedding gown. You may not find lingerie shopping as exciting as shopping or designing your wedding gown. However, it serves as strong foundation.

Do you remember, the stakes are too high when you design exotic wedding gown. Let me tell a few, visible straps, lines and even little lumps look awkward.

Do not underestimate the importance of wedding lingerie, and it’s called so for this reason. Let me share a few important things to look into when you buy wedding lingerie.

#1 When to Shop

Many soon to be brides are keen about wedding lingerie. Yet, most of them fails on one specific aspect, when to buy!

bridal undergarment

Should I buy immediately after fixing the dates? Should I take it to the last point? Or don’t consider at all.

Wedding is special isn’t it? Consider buying special wedding lingerie after you design your wedding dress. You will get better and clear picture when you wear it as trial. Or you can club both and develop the ideas simultaneously. Visit the lingerie store and they can guide you better. Tiny changes in your weight might create big impact in your fitting. Your bra might not fit perfectly. If you are losing weight, look for the lingerie stores that can make some alterations.

Of course, try various types. In fact, make yourself acquainted with various types of undergarments.

#2 How to Shop – Bras

You may look weird at me, if I say this. Check well whether you actually need a bra on your big day. Let me explain. There are many exotic wedding gowns designed and structured beautifully it gives perfect fit and support your bosoms. You can easily skip it all together. Oh yes, I am free from hitting my head on buying wedding lingerie!

best bra for wedding dress

What type of bra you need influences three factors – The neckline of your wedding gown, the fabric, and finally your comfort.

If you are not sure, consult with your designer and tailor, which support you better. A corset or bra! You can easily sew it into your gown. How simple is that!

This type of wedding gown will suit the strapless silhouettes and deep, tricky necklines.
If you wear covered gowns, you can try and workout on types of bras to get the best that fits you perfectly.

Remember, bra might never be a viable option if you wear thin fabric.

#3 How to Shop – Underwear

You should pay equal attention to buying appropriate undergarments. You have various options to choose from three categories.

bridal intimates


It highlights the body parts and is called strategic shapewear. In fact, shapewear comes in infinite designs and it increases the options for undergarments. You need not stick to nude colored shots. You can combine your preference, choice of fabric and style. Microfibre, slimming garment, and no-nude lace are a few choices.


Classic wedding dress needs no introduction. These are quite voluminous and made of heavy fabrics. So, you can just enjoy the fun with wedding lingerie. When the wedding gown is very comfortable and has enough room, bride can actually try to express her personality, pick some amazing undergarment. Simple! Wear whatever you want. It can be naughty, racy, and even adventurous.


Seamless dress is made of single layer fabric, which looks sexy and gorgeous. These are generally slim fitting gowns and need flat, soft and smooth underwear. Nude colored undergarment works well on seamless gown. However, it is not a limited option. Flat lace thong is my choice for seamless dress.

Remember to pick it which has high waist thong, seamless fit, and proper cut off at right places!