Top Wedding Trends That Ruled 2018

Timeless classic touches wee not supposed to go out of style at the beginning of the year, and by the end of 2018, they are still here. But this year, we certainly have seen a few new trends, from unique texture, laser-cut linens, to marble dance floors. I have also seen unexpected types and uses of florals – potted plants and botanical bars on the aisles and also at receptions. I have also noticed that the weddings are now more colorful – colorful candles, rich pigmented flowers.

wedding decor

Here’s a rundown of the top trends at weddings for 2018.

Going Indoor

Last year was the time for outdoor weddings. But this year, I have noticed many couples preferring to stay indoors. However, many couples didn’t opt for the average banquet hall. Museums, rooftops, and even loft-style industrial spaces were in demand. These wedding venues were airy because they had open spaces and high ceilings. Something different and unique!

Destination Weddings Embraced Local Culture

barn wedding decor

Exotic destinations were in demand in 2018, particularly in off the grid locations. However, many of these weddings came with a new twist. Couples opted to embrace local customs and traditions. This was a wonderful addition. It felt unique and there were good photo opportunities as well.

Textured Linens

Brides and wedding planners were inspired by linen, taking a cue from the runways. We saw more illusion, laser-cut reception details and neutral tones and white.

Small Wedding Parties


Recently, we have been seeing bridal parties that are huge. For instance, last year, there were 13 bridesmaids in one wedding. But this year, I certainly didn’t see any of that. The number seems certainly to be coming down and I expect this trend to continue into the new year. There could be just a single or at the most two bridesmaids and one maid of honor in 2019.

The After-Party

The reception, of course, can never be replaced, but one trend I noticed this year is that, many brides were having after parties. The late-night is in, with brides changing into a lighter dress or fun jumpsuits. Many even went to a new location followed by many guests. The after parties certainly added a new fun element to weddings.

Colorful, Moody Florals

wedding floral arrangements

Textured, detailed and darker florals are also in. Lush and soft flowers have ruled the wedding scene for long, but this year, we saw darker shades making an appearance and in a beautiful way, often creating quite a drama. The color palette took a turn towards lilac, mauve, lavender and purple.

Colored Candles

I saw a lot more vintage romance in 2018. Statement candelabras were there on the big days with an upgrade. Instead of those standard ivory and white candles, some couples decided to add color throughout the event by going for unexpected décor.

Creative Place Cards

wedding place cards

The place cards also took a creative turn as many couples had outside the box ideas. In the future, we may even have edible cards that are made with unexpected mediums like plants.