How To Plan A Bachelorette Party

Are you thinking of organizing a bachelorette party, or may be, you are organizing something for a person you love? In the bachelorette, you can do anything you want, unlike the wedding, which is mostly formal. You can go all out for a night to remember for a long time, or the bachelorette could be a subdued affair as well – whatever you prefer. Here’s a guide from start to finish that will help you organize a bachelorette party.

Food And Drinks

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Why not start the evening with some nibbles and drinks so that everyone can come together? This will make everyone excited and waiting for more as the night progresses. It could also be an afternoon tea if you want to start a bit earlier. Serve pastries, savories and fancy sandwiches. Display them attractively so they look cute. You can serve tea, and then move to champagne later.

bachelorette party decorations

Browse Pinterest and Google to find ideas on how to set everything up. There are plenty of ideas out there. Decorate the room and table to make an immediate impression. You can buy things for decorating online or offline. And like the wedding itself, you can have a theme for the bachelorette party decorations as well. It can be a traditional theme, a fun theme, or a more personalized theme. Focus on the small things, subtle changes, which often create big impacts.

The Evening Out

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Head out a little later for an evening full of entertainment. You could visit the theater, a comedy club, or even a male strip show with the hunks if you are feeling bold. But whatever you do, always talk it over with your group so you can decide in advance. You might have to book tickets in advance for the evening. This will surely be a fun evening.

The Party Bus

bachelorette party bus

Why not hire a party bus if you are a relatively large group? It won’t cost you a lot of money, particularly if it is just for an hour or a little longer. Just make sure that everyone chips in. The bus can then pick you all up from your place and drop at the destination, club or bar. You will travel as a group and have more fun. Without a worry, you can sing karaoke, drink, and dance together. It will be an evening to remember. There are so many businesses that can rent you the bus you need.

A Club Or Bar

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You can always play bachelorette party games and be loud, or alternatively, you can have wine if you want it to be classy and quieter. This is a great opportunity to meet friends you don’t get to see often, and remember those old times. Sharing memories will make you feel nostalgic. Get back home and go to sleep to see the alcohol off. Take rest, because there is a lot of wedding planning to be done soon.