Beach Wedding

You have to select the right destination while planning your dream wedding. This is one selection that is going to set the tone for the entire process. And so, you have to get it right, and get that perfect start. Why not select the beach if you are planning an outdoor wedding? Yes, there are many awesome outdoor locations – a garden, manor or historical house, a hill resort, and even a vineyard… but a beautiful beach always scores.

It’s not just romantic, but a beach wedding has many other plusses as well. Here are a few key things to consider.

Beach Wedding Backdrop

beach wedding backdrop

If you ask me, I will always prefer getting married in front of an amazing backdrop. It will be just right for that perfect moment. Plus, the backdrop will give me some wonderful photos too. You can select from Santorini in Greece, Hawaii, Bahamas, Grenada, Puerto Rico, or anywhere… but make sure that the backdrop is always fantastic. It will be perfect with the couple looking their best too.

You Will Be In Control

beach wedding traditions

The fact is that, you will have far more control in a beach wedding than a traditional wedding. The legal outcome will be the same, but you don’t need to be strict in following a religious idea, which is more relevant if the couple if from different backgrounds. Of course, you can still include the traditions, but you will have more freedom. So the entire process will be happier for all.

It Will Be More Intimate

beach wedding

If you are getting married close to your home, you have to invite almost everyone. Even distant relations and friends will feel left out if you aren’t inviting them. There are no such issues if the ceremony is going to be held in a beach far off. It will be more intimate and enjoyable as there will be fewer guests. Just invite only the nearest and dearest. With a big crowd, you will spend too much time meeting and greeting everyone.

Easy Honeymoon

beach wedding theme

You have to consider the honeymoon as well when arranging a traditional wedding. The cost, timing and everything else will impact your post-wedding holiday. As a result, your wedding will become more stressful. Select a beach wedding destination that can double up as your honeymoon as well and you will solve these issues. Spend the first part with your loved ones, and then the next part alone with your spouse.

You Will Save Money

beach wedding cost

The average cost for weddings can easily go into five-digit figures. Ceremonies on the beach can be much cheaper as compared to hiring many venues closer to home. You may save money on food and other expenses as well. Yes, you will have to spend more on travel, but overall, you will still be able to save quite a bit of money.

Here are some top beach wedding destinations you may want to consider. There are fabulous places for beach weddings throughout the world.