Bridal Fashion Week Trends

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017 has come and gone, showing us the latest trends in bridal fashion. Personally, I am always looking to catch these trends and see many gorgeous gowns. And this time, I certainly got to see many fabulous designs, from metallic gowns to billowy sleeves, corsets, capes, and more. There are new details and bridal colors that are seriously inventive and inspiring. Traditional wedding dresses and classic silhouettes have been elevated to the unexpected.

Check here some of my favorite looks from Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017.


asymmetrical wedding dress

Most brides still prefer uniformity. But there are always offbeat brides who are always looking to stand out. They won’t be disappointed with the asymmetrical and atypical wedding dresses I got to see from the designers. The runways were full of one-of-a-kind designs that are perfect for free-spirited brides.

Princess Capes

princess capes

Designers this time turned “all white” for the big day. Many of them skipped the veil or train and topped the wedding dress with a really chic cape. Capes did really well at the Bridal Fashion Week runway, whether they were mid, mini or long capes. I believe next year too, we will be seeing this trend, perhaps more.

Wedding Jackets

wedding jacket

A wedding jacket! Seriously? But that’s what ruled this year at the show. In fact, there were many absolutely cool wedding jackets that topped off lace wedding gowns. It’s so beautiful and unique that I believe this may become quite a mainstream bridal fashion very soon.

Metallic Dresses

metallic dresses

The runways were sparkly when the bridal metallic gowns were on display. And to be frank, these dresses were absolutely perfect for an evening wedding under the stars. There were champagne, silver, and gold tinted dresses everywhere. These gowns were both sophisticated and bold. I would suggest you keep the accessories minimal if you are planning to wear such a dress. Your glitzy frock will be adequate.

Cascading Ruffles

cascading ruffles

These proved to be ultra-feminine and frilly, and were the darling of the crowd at the fashion show. Ruffles allover added an extra dimension to slim silhouettes, while the full skirt of cascading ruffles is whimsical. Takes bridal fashion to the next level!

Off the Shoulder

off the shoulder wedding dress

This is another trend that ruled the Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017. The cold shoulder look was never better, if you ask me. These dresses combined the chicness of sleeves with the slinkiness of strapless very efficiently. It always works out when blushing brides just give a peek of their collarbones. In fact, last season too this trend was popular, but this time, there were many new collections, so it is really coming to life. The off the shoulder look combines elegance and innocence in a fantastic way.


wedding bow dress

Bows are trending currently, and we can see this in wedding dresses too. I got to see them in a range of sizes, including delicate lovely ones and dainty pieces in ball gowns. Many designers mounted them on trains, sleeves and more. It was so feminine and fun seeing these fashionable wedding dresses.