Bridal Jackets

Getting married in the colder season? You have to consider quite a lot of things for the marriage. The top priority, of course, is always to stay warm, because it can be very chilly, more so if you are having an outdoor wedding. I recommend you go for a bridal jacket. It’s cool, trendy, and keeps you warm. You can also add a twist to your wedding dress by wearing a funky overcoat. So, all the brides out there, gear up for your big day and style your bridal outfits with a lot of oomph.

A Jacket Can Be Both Elegant and Punk

bridal jacket

Imagine a leather jacket paired with a bridal dress. Sounds killer right? The combination adds a tinge of punk to the outfit, but you can still keep looking traditional and elegant in your dress. It’s all about going unconventional these days and this particular outfit surely is surely going to be out-of-the-box.

Go Floral

floral jacket

A white bridal dress would go with any sort of overcoats. A floral shrug or a short jacket will go hand in hand with it too. You will stay warm and look gorgeous in it surely. Personally, I am all for this idea of a floral jacket.

The Blingy Effect


A little bit of bling would do no harm on your big day. Wear a shiny shrug with your pretty white wedding gown to sport that jaw dropping look. I am sure your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you, and the guests are going to appreciate your look as well. You are likely to receive several compliments for your excellent choice.

Look Stunning in Red

red cardigan

The bride is obviously the center of attraction on her special day. But a trendy wedding dress will make her look even more attractive. You can layer your white bridal gown with a red short cardigan like what you see in this picture. Plus, red will contrast the white all around, if there is snow. A red cardigan looks good in both outdoor and indoor weddings.

Denim Jacket

denim jacket

You can wear denim even on formal occasions, like a wedding, for instance. A traditional wedding dress with a denim jacket can turn out to be a perfect combo. I haven’t really seen many brides sporting this, but I think it can look lovely. This outfit will surely turn you into the coolest bride. You may end up inspiring others to try out this look.

A Tinge of Bright Yellow

yellow bridal jacket

Yellow and white is a lovely combination. It always draws my attention. A bride will look gorgeous in a white ball gown and yellow cardigan jacket. It’s a perfect choice for the fall. Wear this jacket for outdoor weddings.

Rock in a Red Coat

red and white bridal outfit

Nail this look. A white classy gown teamed with a red coat is what I love the most. It’s always great to see brides opting for some unusual wedding attire.