Chantilly Lace

First produced in France, Chantilly lace has been a special fabric ever since. It is manufactured from thread of hexagons and is very delicate. I am extremely fond of the tops and dresses made out of the material. The dresses are always so subtle and gorgeous. The fabric has some rare qualities which other materials do not possess. Chantilly lace is also a premium bridal fabric. Many brides select the material for their wedding gowns and for good reasons too. White and ivory often look the best.

Beautiful Bridal Gowns:

chantilly lace bridal gown

The bridal dresses made out of Chantilly lace looks nothing sort of mesmerizing. You will certainly look very elegant in a dress made with this fabric, making it a great choice for your special day. The charm of the fabric is something to die for; it leaves people around jaw-dropped and stunned.


chantilly lace bridal dress

It may not be a great idea to choose a heavy outfit. Chantilly lace is extremely lightweight, so you can carry the gown easily. I can guarantee this as I myself have the experience. I own two dresses made out of the same fabric and I feel very comfortable every time I wear them. They are very airy.


chantilly lace dress

You will look feminine in the material. Every woman wants to get that feminine look in a gown or a dress, especially on her wedding day, making this the perfect choice. I have fallen in love with Chantilly skirts a lot of times and planning get few stitched. So you can wear this lace even at other times.

The Luxury:

chantilly lace luxurious dress

The rich texture of the material gives a royal look. Wear a dress made of luxury Chantilly lace fabric for your parties. You can even show off like what the super models wear when they are walking down the ramp. In fact, many designers are now showing off their Chantilly work in the runways.

Craze for Chantilly Shawls:

chantilly shawls

There are many people who literally go gaga over Chantilly shawls. And I am one of them. The look of it is so grand that it leaves me in awe. I like experimenting with it and draping it in several ways and now I am planning to extend my collection.

Looks Awesome in Most Colors:

chantilly lace

We always associated the color white with lace. But you should know that Chantilly lace looks good in others colors too, and is thus perfect for the brides who want to wear a colored wedding dress. Even, black and gold can look incredible, though these are not your usual wedding dress colors.

Great Detailing:

chantilly lace detailing

The detailing of a fabric should be class apart. Chantilly laces come with fine and abundant detailing, which makes this special. The intricate work is sure to please you and everyone else who sees the dress.

Suitable for Lingerie:

chantilly lace lingerie

Even Chantilly lace lingerie is perfect. The material is very comfortable and fashionable, and so, it can be the perfect choice for your bridal lingerie. You will look sexy in it for sure.