Engagement Ring Ideas For A Modern Day Bride

Engagement rings with diamond are always the traditional choice. But there are exceptions. There are people who avoid wearing diamond because of ethical reasons. The good news is, you will find plenty of very nice alternatives. Consider the following if you are a modern bride, but still don’t want to avoid tradition too much. This guide should help you make the right decision.

Man-Made Stones

lab created engagement rings

You can go for man-made stones if you want to avoid wearing real diamonds because of ethical reasons. To a person who is not a diamond expert, these stones will look just as good – the real thing, but these man-made stones are going to cost you a lot less. So you can save a lot of money too, which can be better used. Cubic Zirconia is a common alternative. There are other options too. Someone has to look really close to make out the difference between the two.

Silicone Rings

silicone engagement ring

Many modern day brides are now opting for these wedding rings. These are new innovative products. You will find the silicone wedding rings in many different colors and styles. Show off that you prefer something different. Plus, you will also save a lot of money. They are comfortable to wear, attractive, and heat resistant. Most rings are made of medical grade silicone. They are a good choice for active lifestyles.

Love Knots

love knots

Usually, there is no stone in them. Love knots depict togetherness, and that is so romantic and apt for a wedding. Some people will wear them even as a wedding ring. Two overhead knots are interlocked to make them become inseparable.

Claddagh Ring

claddagh ring

These are traditional Irish rings that have a lot of history. It goes back to the Roman times. These rings represent two hands that are joined in faith. There is also a crown and heart, which symbolizes loyalty, love, and friendship. Clasped hands in the ring symbolize wedding vows. A Claddagh can be both a wedding and engagement ring.

Interlocking Rings

interlocking rings

These rings were very popular back during the 1970s. They have become popular again in recent years. The interlocking rings are with two interlocking parts – one engagement ring, and a second, which locks into it as the wedding ring. Sometimes small stones are placed in them. But usually, there is just plain silver or gold.

A Stone With A Meaning

A diamond is a popular choice for many because they are stones with a meaning. But they are not the only ones. For instance, agate is associated with protection and truth. Garnet represents devotion and commitment. Aquamarine stands for courage to beat fears, and ruby is associated with happiness and love.

The engagement used to be more flamboyant than what they are now. So it’s not always essential to wear diamond or choose a stone that may cost a fortune. You will find many couples now who are looking for alternatives and are very happy with the choice they are making.