Fun Wedding Arch Ideas

I personally am always for flowers and branches – greenery for the wedding ceremony backdrop. But, having said this, I don’t want to spend too much money on the set up and supplies. DIY might be a good idea, but this isn’t for everyone, especially for such an important event. After all, you cannot take a chance with the wedding arch, even though you are likely to spend no more than 30 minutes out of perhaps 5 hours of the wedding.

Here are some wedding arch ideas for you to try.

Consider The Wedding Venue First

wedding arch ideas

Take a good look at the ceremony options and select the right area that is going to generate the maximum visual interest. While doing this, consider whether it’s going to be an indoor or outdoor event. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding, can you stand under a beautiful and big tree? On the other hand, if you are inside, is there a wall or picture window of interest at the venue?

At the wedding of my friend, there were two beautiful Venetian paintings on each side of a vintage glass door. Any type of backdrop or arch will have competed with the area. So she just enhanced the area by making the florist have a couple of Grecian-looking pedestals with flowers draped on the top. The job was done.

The Blank Canvas

outdoor wedding arch

If you do not have an area outside or inside that is stimulating visually, then you have a blank canvas, which can also be good. You can have florals for the outside. You can purchase a garden arch online – it won’t cost a lot of money. The arch can be kept in your backyard even after the wedding. You may even rent it out if you don’t have space at home. Or, you can also rent the arch from a vendor that supplies wedding décor. Your florist can then create a nice look on it.

Non-Traditional Wedding Arch

rustic wedding arch

Non-traditional ceremony backdrops and wedding arches also look good. But before going for it, consider the kind of background you have. That is, whether it is a window, white wall etc. Then think what can be hanged easily from it. Fabric hanging from loft beam is a good idea. You can even hang a fun “Best Day Ever” sign, which looks like an arch. This will be fun.

Alternatively, you can also go for temporary wallpaper in vibrant pattern on a blank wall. This will add effect instantly. Budget tip – A funky wedding ceremony background can also be the backdrop for the photo booth area.

Potted Plants

indoor wedding arch

Instead of hanging or gluing anything, why not get a couple of large potted plants and place them on both sides of the place where you will be standing? They can be kept in the house later after the wedding. Or else, you can get a couple of rustic ladders and place vases on each step. This will give it a unique look.