Good Wedding Etiquette

The wedding is surely going to be one of the most memorable days in your life, and naturally, you need to be your best on the day. You have to appear sincere, appropriate, loving, and thankful towards all your guests and family. You will also be under the scanner, at least from the seniors. So try your best to be the most graceful bride anyone has seen for a while. You can be sure that your guests will appreciate this. You will be remembered as a beautiful and charming bride.

wedding etiquette

But the party is not just about you. The groom has to be at his best as well. However, so much can go wrong in a wedding that it can cause a lot of stress, and this can come in the way of you and your groom trying to appear your best. There are etiquette questions too that need answering. For instance, do you invite your friend’s new boy friend whom you don’t quite like?

wedding etiquette questions

Here are some tips, which will make your wedding graceful and elegant.

Before the Wedding/Engagement

wedding party

  1. Don’t announce your engagement on social media. Your close friends and family should certainly know before you do this.
  2. Don’t invite a guest if the person has already said he or she cannot attend.
  3. Don’t invite a guest to your engagement party or bridal shower if the person is not going to be invited for the actual wedding.
  4. You don’t have to invite a person, only because he/she had invited you to his or her wedding.
  5. You can invite only your team or division at work. Everyone in the office doesn’t need to come.
  6. Stand firm about kids if you don’t want them attending the event. There should be no exceptions.

On the Wedding Day

what to do on the wedding day

  1. Hold your poise when you are walking down the aisle. The bouquet should be held by the stems and the flowers need to be tilted forward.
  2. Avoid arm-pumping till the time the ceremony is over. This is not a game you have just won. Walk back the aisle happy and together and be your elegant best.
  3. The wedding kiss needs to be practiced to make sure it is sweet. It shouldn’t be raunchy.
  4. Visit every table to greet the guests individually at the reception. Make an effort to visit each guest twice, if possible. Everyone should feel welcome. And when you are talking to the guests, always make eye contact. This is good etiquette always, not just on the wedding day.
  5. Mingle with the guests with your husband next to you. Introduce your husband to those who don’t know him yet.
  6. Both of you should refrain from drinking beer or smoking from a bottle. It should be from a proper glass. And remember to pace yourself while drinking cocktail or wine. You don’t want to get tipsy or drunk on your own wedding day.

wedding thank you card

One final etiquette, remember to send a thank you note always. Also, you should send this note as soon as possible.

Here are some other wedding etiquette tips that you may find very useful.