Mermaid Wedding Dresses

For a woman, her wedding day is of course the most precious occasion. She dreams of a spectacular wedding but also wants to look gorgeous. If you are going to get married soon, or are involved in the planning of someone close, then you may be mulling over what to wear on the big day.

mermaid wedding gown

We have often seen a lot of brides wearing sporting ball wedding gowns, and body con wedding gowns, but if you ask me, the mermaid bridal dress might very well look the best. In fact, these dresses have become quite a trend these days. You can seriously consider one to look stunning in it. The mermaid wedding gown looks so pretty that it is kind of a personal favorite of mine. Here are my top picks created out of the most luxury wedding dress fabrics. Do take a look and comment.

The Lacy Mermaid Bridal Gown

lacy mermaid bridal gown

A lacy bridal dress which has a mermaid kind of a look would definitely turn out to be something ravishing. If you are a bride to be, you can go for something similar like what you see in this picture. The mermaid cut finishing is not only gracious but also stylish and attractive. This wedding gown is sure to make anyone look gorgeous. Don’t think twice before going for a lacy mermaid bridal dress.

Tissura is a premium French lace fabric shop where you can source the material for your wedding gown.

The V Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress


v neck mermaid wedding dress

If you do not want to go for the off shoulder look, then you can surely opt for a v neck mermaid wedding gown. Talking about the material of the bridal dress, you can select satin as its flow would turn out to be quite great and mermaid gowns and satin go hand in hand to some extent due to which, opting for it would definitely be a good option. I am actually quite fond of satin bridal gowns because of its look and finishing. So I often end up suggesting these dresses to the brides.

The Combination of Tulle and Lace Mermaid Bridal Gown

tulle and lace mermaid bridal dress

I have seen a lot of women sporting a lace and tulle wedding gown on their big day. This combination goes pretty well, even with mermaid bridal dresses. Therefore, you do not need to mull on your wedding attire much as you can get your hands on a gorgeous lace and tulle mermaid bridal dress.

Frill Mermaid Wedding Dress

frill mermaid wedding dress

Frills can never go out of vogue according to me. I just love the look of it on a bridal dress. This will definitely make the bride look ravishing and out of the world.

The Furry Look

furry wedding dress

If you want to sport a completely out of the box look on your big day, then you can opt for a furry mermaid wedding gown or something similar like what you see in the picture here. Go for this look by all means. You will surely get many compliments in this dress. It’s perfect for your wedding pictures.