Organza Wedding Dress

If you are undecided about your wedding dress fabric, let me suggest organza. The fabric is extremely delicate, soft, airy, lightweight, sheer, and flattering. You will look beautiful walking down the aisle in your organza wedding dress.

What is Organza?

Organza is normally woven from silk, but there are some varieties that are made from synthetic materials. So if you want a true organza wedding dress, make sure that the fabric isn’t blended. The material is very thin, and is thus used in layers often. The best quality organza fabric comes from Italy and France.

organza wedding dress

Organza is extremely flowing and soft. Its soft movement will make you look graceful during the dance or when you are walking down the aisle. The dress will be easy to wear as well because organza is extremely lightweight. Satin and silk are both heavier, and that’s why many brides feel they are too weighty. Thanks to the different layers, organza offers the bride a softer silhouette as well. The material diffuses light, making you look more gorgeous in pictures, almost like an angel.

Organza Wedding Dress Types

organza wedding gown

Organza is a versatile fabric, so you can make a modern, chic dress, or you can also have the fabric made into flat layers for a traditional, romantic style. There are many options to choose from for your wedding dress.

Ball Gowns

organza ball gown

There is a full skirt and fitted bodice here, which is very voluminous and wide. Organza ball gowns are very comfortable, though additional layers are needed to achieve the full shape. To get the larger shape, designers will sometimes use organza with stiffer layers. Because of the many layers, it is almost impossible to see tears and rips, if there are any.

Princess or A-Line Dresses

a-line pleated organza dress

They look like ball gowns, but the skirt is slimmer. Also, sometimes, there is no break between the skirt material and bodice. Designers sometimes use ruched or woven organza on the bodice. Texturing on bodice hides the bulges and smooths the body. A-Line or princess organza wedding dresses are easier to manage.

Empire Wedding Dress

empire wedding dress

Organza works very well for such dresses. The high waist line is just below the bust. The skirts fall straight down, flaring out a little bit. The flowy, soft organza layers goes very well with the elongated skirt line. The layers keep the skirt’s volume down and give the dress a downy, softy effect.

Mermaid or Trumpet Dress

organza mermaid wedding dress

These dresses fit the bride closely over her waist, hips, bust, and the thighs, but flares out to a wider skirt. Textured organza is a great choice here because of the larger volume it creates in small space, providing the mermaid silhouette. Ruffles and volumes of organza adds volume, makes it visually interesting, and isn’t too heavy as well.

Short Wedding Dress

short organza wedding dress

Organza looks beautiful in tea length skirts. This is why voluminous tea length skirts are often made with this fabric. You can also create a ballerina length skirt with this fabric. It will surely look amazing on you.