Best Fabrics For A Summer Wedding

Getting married this summer? It is a great time of the year for a wedding, especially if you are planning an outdoor event. Just be careful when you choose your wedding gown. It is a dream for many brides to be seen wearing a satin wedding dress, but satin may not be the best choice in the sweltering heat. The fabric will be too heavy for your summer wedding. It is more suited for an early-spring wedding, actually. You need to select a fabric that is airy and lightweight. You don’t want to sweat on your wedding day. Tulle, chiffon, organza and a few others will be the better choice.

summer wedding dress

These breathable and lightweight fabrics will keep you cool on the big day. Don’t worry. An organza or chiffon wedding gown looks as beautiful. It will flow smoothly in the summer breeze. Another good option is lace. Always select natural fabrics that will be comfortable and breathable, and will never stick to your body.

Here are some of my top fabric choices for a summer wedding.


chiffon wedding dress

Bridal chiffon is an extremely airy, sheer, and lightweight fabric. Having a slight texture of silk, it provides a subtle sheen and flowy drape. The fabric also has plain and a loose weave. Chiffon is layered or used as an accent on many gowns. This is a timeless material that will never let you down, which is why chiffon is popular in prom and evening dresses and bridal gowns. You will certainly get some awesome pictures wearing your chiffon wedding gown.


organza wedding gown

Organza can be a great option if you want something with more structure, while still being a lightweight fabric. Its glistening finish will provide a romantic feel. Its airiness is as good as chiffon. The bridal organza fabric is lightweight, crisp and diaphanous. It is resistant to wrinkling, has high durability, and has very good shape-keeping properties. The fabric is also used on lengthy trains and to enhance the fullness of ball gown skirts.

Swiss Dot

swiss dot wedding dress

Here’s a fabric that is breathable and is more playful. It comes rich in a unique dotted motif and can be a good choice if you are seeking something a bit different. Swiss Dot is a good choice to stay cool on a summer day. This is a super feminine fabric too. Besides, it also adds personality to the overall bridal look.


tulle wedding gown

This is an open net sheer fabric that will also be a good choice for the hot day. Tulle fabric is used also underneath a dress for adding volume to the skirt. The fabric is delicate and relatively light. It can be used in many ways. Tiered tulle layers will give your ball gown a romantic look, so it’s a good choice for the brides who want to have that princess moment while walking down the aisle.


charmeuse wedding dress

Charmeuse is best known for its fabulous sheen. It moves seductively and smoothly, making it another great option for that walk down the aisle. If you are having a formal wedding, then you can go for this fabric without a worry. Charmeuse will always make you look sophisticated and elegant.