Taffeta Gowns

Taffeta is by no means one of the top wedding gown fabrics. That distinction goes to lace, chiffon, satin, tulle, and organza. So you will find very few brides wearing the fabric on the big day. It’s also not a popular choice of the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. But having said this, it’s a gorgeous fabric that looks extremely stunning, even when you make a wedding gown out of it.

Taffeta As A Wedding Dress

taffeta a-line wedding dress

There are so many gorgeous designs made with taffeta that I simply cannot take my eyes off them. Many designers, such as David’s Bridal, Justin Alexander, Stella York, Martina Liana, Enaura, Amaré Couture, and Kleinfeld among others have come out with their taffeta designs for weddings. The designers clearly think highly of this fabric. I agree. It’s one of my top choices too.

Here are some of the finest taffeta wedding gowns I have found –

taffeta wedding gown

This stunning dress presents a shimmer and sophisticated neckline, while you can carry for the entire night. The silhouette here is sure to impress everyone.

modern taffeta wedding dress

Here’s a beautiful back accent wedding dress that comes with a modern silhouette. The crisp look of this dress is perfect for a bride who wants to dress traditionally, but wants to show a slightly different look.

after party wedding dress

The dress in this picture is always going to be a top choice for a destination wedding or an after party. Its bubble hem is voluminous and flirty.

v-neck taffeta wedding gown

This is a lace, v-neck design on a fun texture. You will love this taffeta wedding dress as it is both traditional and sophisticated.

The Taffeta Fabric

flared cut taffeta dress

Taffeta is a crisp, smooth, and plain woven fabric, which is made from cuprammonium rayons or silk. In Persian, the word means “twisted woven”. The fabric is used to make ball bridal dresses and also for stitching corsets. It is sometimes referred to simply as the “luxury fabric”. It is feminine and elegant. The texture makes it look attractive, and it is comfortable to wear the fabric as well, making taffeta a great choice for the brides.

What Makes Taffeta Such A Great Choice For Brides

There are many reasons actually. For instance, a taffeta wedding gown will always emphasize the feminine parts of your body. The fabric allows a designer to make many floating silhouettes that look romantic.

taffeta sleeveless wedding gown

It’s the biggest day of your life, and naturally you will want to look feminine and dreamy. Taffeta can give this look to you. Windswept panels, couture and multilayer drapes provide the essential impression you want.

The fabric is very comfortable to wear as well. The structure of silk taffeta is airy and it is lightweight. It is keep you cool when the outside temperature goes up, thanks to the features of silk. A wedding day is typically long with lots of emotions and actions. You need to wear a fabric that will keep you comfortable, cool, and looking good. Taffeta is all these things and more.