Top 10 Wedding Movies To Watch

Everyone loves to watch a romantic wedding movie, whether you will be a guest, a bridesmaids, or the would-be bride. Watch a few and you will instantly get into the wedding spirit. Besides, many of them are very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Here’s a list of 10 must-watch wedding movies.

#1 – Bridesmaids – Released in 2011, this is the story of a woman whose best friend is engaged, while her own life is falling apart. She is trying her best to be a maid of honor, but her fraught and valiant effort shows. The wedding scene passes very quickly, but this is a very chaotic and hilarious movie.

wedding crashers

#2 – Wedding Crashers – The sweet story of 2005 and also an R-rated sex comedy. Two friends here are always crashing weddings to drink and meet women till the time there is real love, which crashes their bachelor plans.

#3 – My Best Friend’s Wedding – A favorite for many starring Julia Roberts. A woman realizes she loves her male friend, but he says he is getting married. So Roberts tries her best to sabotage the wedding in a show of ‘true love’. It was released in 1997.

my big fat greek wedding

#4 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding – The story is from the love and real life experiences of writer Nia Vardalos. The 2002 release brought in a breath of fresh air in an age of raunchy comedies. This too is another favorite of many movie watchers.

#5 – The Best Man – This movie of 1999 is real and grounded, and yet it manages to be fun. Taye Diggs is a novelist who hides the fact that the story of his new book is based on friends who will attend a wedding. But an advanced copy of the book is released, which makes everything go awry. ‘The Best Man Holiday’ was a sequel of this film, which too was very good.

the hangover

#6 – The Hangover – Ten years later, in 2009, a group of friends are finding their missing friends in Las Vegas in time for his wedding. This too is a fun movie starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms.

#7 – Four Weddings and a Funeral – This 1994 movie is another top favorite. Hugh Grant became an instant star after this British romantic comedy. Grant is unlucky in love. He comes in the path of Andie MacDowell over four weddings and one funeral, and wonders if they are meant to come together.

27 dresses

#8 – 27 Dresses – The younger sister of Katherine Heigl marries the person she loves. Katherine is always the bridesmaid. This is the ultimate movie for someone who is always in one-sided lover affairs. It was released in 2008.

#9 – Rachel Getting Married – Released in the same here, this is one of the best performances of Anne Hathaway. She plays an addict who tries to get through the wedding of her sister. The story is about complicated relationships.


#10 – Bachelorette – This 2012 movie is quite similar to ‘Bridesmaids’, but wonderful in its own way. It tells the story of a nightmarish bachelorette party before the wedding.