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Tulle is a beautiful mesh fabric with a patterned or net-like structure. It was originally made at Tulle in France, and thus the name. The fabric is extremely lightweight, easy to dye, and is available in many colors, and finishes like metallic, glitter, shiny, and matte. Tulle was made originally from 100% silk, however now, it is also made from nylon, rayon, cotton, and different silk blends. It is a delicate fabric that is used for making wedding dresses, evening gowns, lingerie, hats, and even for gift packaging, floral arrangements, and window treatments.

queen victoria tulle dress

In fact, tulle has been one of the most popular fabrics for bridal dresses for a long time since Queen Victoria made her bridal gown with it in 1840. It has almost been 200 years. Now, you will find many brides wearing tulle wedding dress and looking so feminine and graceful. Tulle is also used for making wedding veils now.

Tulle’s Story

Around 1700, a new fabric was knit in hexagonal meshes at Tulle in France. It looked much like honeycomb. There are other theories too, divine tales of Greeks wearing sheer veils and cloaks. But the French story is generally accepted.

tulle wedding dress

An English designer later a veiled hat and its black version was accepted for mourning. Most tulle is actually bobbinet that was invented in Britain in early 19th century. In weddings, tulle was first used in mementos and the bride’s bouquet. It became a popular fabric for the bridal gown only after Queen Victoria was seen wearing a tulle dress.

How To Choose Tulle

Tulle selection depends on the application. There are 3 types of tulle. What is right for you depends on how you are going to use it.

Bridal Illusion

tulle bridal veil

Made of – Nylon

This is the basic tulle fabric, which you will find in veils. Made of nylon, it is available in many widths, colors, and shimmers in styles. Most bridal illusions are in diamond patterns. The material is kind of scratchy, but it’s not as scratchy as netting. It is important to remember that netting is heavier, so do not confuse it with tulle. Plus, netting is also coarser than tulle.

English Tulle

english tulle

Made of – Cotton

Go for English tulle if you prefer something that is a bit less scratchy. It is sometimes also referred to as English netting. It is made of cotton and has a hexagonal weave. It is considered a better material than Illusion as the fabric drapes better. But it costs more. You might have to pay $50 for a yard based on the fabric’s quality.

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Silk Tulle

silk tulle evening gown

Made of – Silk

This is the best quality tulle you can find. It is extremely luxurious, super soft, and is less transparent than English or Illusion. Like English, this too has a hexagonal weave, but it is much softer, so more comfortable. Your skin is never going to scratch with this. But silk tulle costs the most, it is not so stretchy, and silk tulle is also slightly heavier than the other two types of the fabric.