Unconventional Wedding Venues

Weddings are not stereotypical any more, as people are getting creative and want to experiment many things to make the big day different and more memorable. That’s true for wedding venues as well. You will surely find many interesting and unconventional set ups that stand out because of their innovations and creativity. This can make it a totally out of the box wedding party. I have jotted down few of them here.

Who wouldn’t want to witness or experience an unusual marriage ceremony that will surely leave everyone in awe? Many people now like to go for something unique, even whacky, especially when it comes to selecting the wedding venue. Here are a few ideas you may want to try out while you are doing the planning for your wedding.

In a Beautiful Apple Orchard:

apple orchard wedding

Just imagine taking vows in front of people within a stunning apple orchard. Doesn’t it sound exciting? If you are about to get married and looking for an unconventional venue for your wedding, then you can surely book an apple orchard to exchange promises with the love of your life. You can be sure that the guests will be thrilled with the location and the romanticism of it all. The location gives you opportunities to go for unique decoration ideas, which will further enhance the beauty of the venue. It can quickly be the talk of the town.

While Up In the Sky:

More and more couples are tying the knot while they are sky-high. For example, balloon rides. In the American southwest, you have the chance to get married in a balloon that can accommodate up to 12 people, which can include many of the closest family and friends. At Albuquerque in New Mexico, during the International Balloon Fiesta, couples can say “I do” while they are riding high in a balloon. That would be some ride, and an amazing way to get married.

Wedding in the Woods:

wedding in the woods

This is perfect for the nature loving couple. What can be more beautiful than getting married in nature? I just love the concept of a wedding in the woods but it’s not easy to make the surrounding look extremely beautiful. For that, you need to have an in-depth idea about the decorations. Seek the help of experts, people who know what exactly has to be done, and can come up with a successful plan.

You can even take it to the extreme level by partnering animals and the great outdoors, like in a safari. At Ulusaba in Africa for example, you can get married right in the middle of the bush, while you are surrounded by African wildlife. Wow!

Choose the Marine Way:

marine wedding theme

This is for all the adventurous couples out there who are always up for something different. Taking vows underwater not only sounds cool but is also something quite beautiful. Getting surrounded by seas animals and corals while communicating in sign language is certainly going to be amazing. You can be sure that everyone will keep talking about your stunning wedding for a very long time.

Braving the Cold:

If the two of you love the cold weather, then there’s an unconventional wedding option waiting for you like no other. Why not head north to Alaska or even the Arctic Circle, and get married while you are on top of a glacier? This is possible at Alaska’s Pearson’s Pond in Juneau. The staff here will bring to life your freezing dreams. You can also wear a cape on the glacier, which will make you look cool.

Go for a Museum:

museum wedding theme

I have seen couples with a keen interest on history, selecting a museum as their wedding venue. It came as a surprise to me, frankly, at first, but is no more so, because so many couples have now become creative about selecting their wedding venue. A museum with so many historical exhibits can certainly be an interesting wedding venue. Couples seeking culture and history may want to try this.

Underneath the Earth:

You can now say your vows even underneath the Earth, like in a beautiful cave, for instance. There are many stunning cave systems around the world, but of course, it would be very difficult to get married in just about any of them. But your dreams can come true if you go to Ozarks of Missouri. More than 2,500 couples have reportedly got married in these caves since the early 1800s here. So marriages have been clearly held here for quite a long time. Nothing new in it! Just make sure that the two of you and your guests don’t feel overly claustrophobic.

Within Animals:

wedding in a zoo

I am a huge animal lover and would definitely want them to be a part of my big day. And if you think alike as me, then you can select a zoo as your wedding venue so that you can end up having a fun marriage ceremony.

Surrounded by Books:

A library is often an architectural masterpiece, such the beauty. You may want to consider one such library as well if the two of you are scholars and are bookworms. One of the best and most famous out there, the New York Public Library, lets you exchange the vows. Now, here’s a stunning venue, which will surely be a huge treat. But make sure that you are able to keep your voice down while you and all the guests are inside the library’s halls.