Wedding Dress Predictions

Fashion-wise, we are living in one of the most exciting times. This is true with bridal fashion too. There are now a lot more styles, innovations, and more fabric options to choose from than before. But fashion changes from time to time, and you will surely want to show off the latest bridal fashion trends. If you are already engaged and planning the wedding, then let us try to look ahead and predict what’s coming in bridal wear in 2018 and beyond. Here are my wedding dress predictions.

Colored Luxury Dress Fabrics Are Coming

colored bridal dress

Most brides have been choosing between white and ivory for their gown in the last few decades. But that’s changing now, as more brides want to now express themselves and look unique. They are trying out colored luxury dress fabrics. So colors such as lavender, gold, silver, tones of blue, and even champagne are beginning to make their mark.


high low wedding dress

Perfect symmetry is on its way out. I believe you will see many more eclectic and abstract designs in both bridal accessories and gowns. In fact, bridal gowns with high-low look may soon be seen in the runways.

Strapped Dresses

gwyneth paltrow pink ralph lauren oscar gown

Wedding gowns that bare one shoulder is a recent trend. But be on the lookout for gowns with straps, like the spaghetti straps, for example, where there is less shoulder in the dress. Gwyneth Paltrow was looking gorgeous in her pink “Shakespeare In Love” dress at the Oscars. This, I believe, is here to stay. And to be frank, spaghetti straps do look good on brides.


metallic bridal dress

You will see this everywhere now – in accessories, makeup, and evening gowns. Mixed metals of rose gold, silver, and gold will likely become more popular in bridal fashion. You will see more brides wearing mixed metal bridal belts, metal jewelries, hair accessories, and more.

The Non-Gown Look

wedding pant suit

Even as I am writing this, I am seeing more brides looking beyond the traditional floor-length wedding gowns. Inspired by menswear, some of them are wearing pant suits, for instance as the main style choice, while others are changing the style for the reception. So a second dress, which isn’t traditional at all, might become more popular.

Life Beyond The Veil

bridal capelet

The traditional will remain important, but many brides may want to look at more stylish options of covering their shoulders and head. Brides may choose higher necklines instead of plunging necklines and also capelets.

Structured Designs

modern bridal dresses

Structured designs that make you feel more confident while you are going down the aisle could get popular. Gowns with boning will provide hourglass silhouette, making you look more beautiful both in real life and the pictures. I am expecting designers to work on using structures to give gowns sexy edges, perhaps in 2018 or 2019.

Natural, Raw Elements

pearl bridal headpiece

Natural components like raw opals, keshi pearls and crystals might accent traditional materials, such as pearls and rhinestones to create avant-garde jewelry and headpieces for the brides. You will have more options to personalize your big-day looks.