Wedding Dress Trends

Every year, we have a few new trends emerging in wedding dresses, just like what we see in everyday fashion. Wedding dress styles are changing always. We see some of them at the runways in the bridal fashion shows, while the others emerge randomly throughout the year. There are even a few awesome dresses that are designed by some really creative brides. I have tried to prepare a list of some of the new trends that have been the most stunning this year. I hope you enjoy these new trends in wedding dresses.

Bridal Capes

wedding dress with cape

It’s not necessary to wear a veil to look gorgeous on your wedding day. A short capelet or a full-length bridal cape can be a great alternative. This will look modern, and you will be able to add dimension to your bridal gown. It will be easy for you too, if you have to change the wedding outfit. You can wear a capelet or cape during the ceremony, and remove it to show a different look during the reception.

Illusion Necklines

illusion neckline wedding dress

This trend is already hot in 2017. All you have to do is combine lace with sheer material to wear this stunning look. From a distance, illusion neckline wedding gowns will seem to be sleeveless. Combining modern and classic, its eye-drawing neckline will make the delicate details seem more fashionable.

Wedding Dress with Feathers

wedding dress with feathers

Frankly, I have been seeing wedding gowns with wispy feathers for the last few years, so technically, this isn’t new. What’s new this year are the wispy plumes or feathers that are even more delicate. This new trend is making even the most simple silhouette look more eye-catching. Give your look a stunning airy twist with well-placed plumes. You will also look glam with a completely feathered skirt.


wedding gown with sleeves

Wedding gowns with sleeves have been popular since 2011, with Kate Middleton wearing her Alexander McQueen dress. Sleeves have emerged as the biggest trend in 2017. Brides are even wearing elegant gowns that have three-quarter-length or full-length sleeves now.

High Collar Wedding Dress

high collar wedding dress

Show off your fashionable side wearing a high collar long sleeve wedding gown. Scalloped lace will give you a regal feel. Alternatively, you can look modern and sleek by having satin. Statement earrings will be the perfect complement for this trend.

Detachable Trains

detachable train wedding dress

Detachable trains have also become quite popular now. If you want to look more dramatic while walking down the aisle, but are bothered with having to kick the heavy fabric out from below your heels throughout the reception, then a detachable train wedding dress could be just the right thing for you. It is practical and smart.

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

off the shoulder wedding dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are trending these days. So it’s not surprising that we are seeing this trend in wedding fashion as well. But this is not a new thing frankly. Off-the-shoulder bridal gowns used to be a big thing in the 1990s, but went out of fashion. However, the designers are saying that this trend is likely to stay strong for some time now. We could see dresses with small cap sleeves or more dramatic styles.