Wedding Dressing For Men

Women will always spend several days planning what to wear for the wedding. But the groom or the man will almost often be extremely relaxed. Yes, it’s a fact that weddings now are not as formal as they used to be once, but even the men should follow some basic rules when it comes to selecting their wedding outfit. This is true even for a man who isn’t the groom, but might be about to receive the invitation. Here’s a guide that will help you decide how to dress correctly for a wedding.

Different Types Of Ceremonies

wedding outfit for men

There are all types of weddings. There are formal, informal, and theme weddings, for example. So if you are invited, always ask the type. Of course, you must wear formal clothes and have to respect the dress code in a formal affair. But often, nowadays, couples are not caring about formalities. Many couples now want the wedding to be informal or semi-formal. This allows the guests to relax and enjoy the event.

There are other factors you must also consider, like the place and destination of the wedding, and the time of the year (whether it’s a summer or a winter wedding). For instance, you must wear different clothes for a beach wedding and a wedding in the spring in a closed restaurant.

Must Wear Wedding Suits

tuxedo outfit

You should have one tuxedo at least for formal clothing. Elegant and sophisticated, you will play safe by wearing the tuxedo. Some men are not comfortable when asked to wear a tuxedo, while the others love their black-tie dress. This dress has remained virtually unchanged over time, so a simple tuxedo is going to work just fine.

But if it’s a beach venue, then avoid a heavy fabric. A suit made of breathable material like linen or cotton will be the better option. You can also consider playing with prints and colors. One option is a fiery red or a light blue linen suit.


bow tie outfit

You will need a sophisticated leather bag but make sure that it matches with your attire. You cannot go wrong with a neutral color. However, selecting the necktie isn’t always this easy. Always keep a few neckties in your wardrobe so you can pick the right one. Neutral colors like navy blue and black will go well with your classic tuxedo. Go for vibrant colors to try a bolder combination for a semi-formal wedding. This is true for bow-ties as well.

Finally, choose a watch that will go well with your shoes and suit. Also, do not forget those cuff-links. They look very good paired with a necktie of the same color.


wedding guest outfits

A simple rule – never wear white socks with dark shoes. Also, don’t wear flip flops or sneakers even if it’s an informal wedding. Avoid them even for the beach. A dark brown or black oxford will always be a good choice. You can also wear smoking slippers, but make sure that they pair well with your suit material. But do ensure that they will be right for the occasion, weather condition, and location.