How To Celebrate The Engagement

Congratulations! You have just been engaged and its one of the most important moments in your life surely. It is time to celebrate. The wedding will come later. Forget that for the time being, and just live this moment to the full. There are many ways of celebrating your engagement. Here are some of the best ones.

Your Champagne Moment

Make sure that there is champagne available as soon as you have said ‘yes’. Find some champagne whether you are at home, at the beach, or in a restaurant. Offer a toast to your present and future happiness.

The First Date

engagement party

Remember the first time the two of you met and went out on a date. Remember the place, how you met, what you wore, and what the two of you did or talk. Those were the early days of your relationship. This will be a special ways of recreating the past, while you make commitments towards each other. It will surely be very romantic.

Engagement Photo Shoot

engagement photo shoot

Why not book a photo shoot for the engagement? Yes, we can capture each memorable moment now with our smartphones, so many don’t think of hiring a professional photographer. But that’s a shame. A professional will always be able to take memorable shots that most of us are not able to. They will look beautiful and will become mementos for life. Don’t bother to take the pictures yourself. Have fun with your fiancé and let the professional do his job. Work with the photographer to develop a fun theme for the shoot. It can be more creative as well, such as you two hugging each other, or perhaps in a kissing scene.

Engagement Party

engagement party ideas

If you are unable to hide your excitement, then plan a blowout engagement party to share your feelings. Book the venue and invite your family and friends. Show off that stunning engagement ring. Share your happiness and have the time of your life at the engagement party.

Go On A Trip

engagement trip

A ‘just engaged trip’ is a wonderful idea. Family and friends are excited when you get engaged, but some of them may become too excited. Many of them may begin to pester you for the wedding gown, theme planning, and table decorations. But you probably aren’t ready yet to think about these things. Get used to wearing the engagement ring. Get away from it all. Book a trip for the weekend or perhaps a longer vacation. Spend time together away from it all. Come back to start planning for the wedding.

Pamper Party

engagement party theme

Your girlfriends will surely want to see the ring as soon as they know that you are engaged. Plus, they will also want to know every detail about how he proposed, how you accepted, and what you are feeling. Book a day at the spa. Pamper yourself while you share all the details in some girl talk.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a lot of fun.