Wedding Reception Tips

Don’t we all dream of the perfect wedding where every single thing will be just amazing? Right from the grandeur to the attires, everything is extremely important. Many of you out there are about to get married, and you are surely thrilled about it – there is every reason to be. But the arranging the wedding reception is hard work – you need careful planning.

You will surely get professional help for everything – the flower arrangements, venue selection, photography, table decorations, and everything else. But it always helps if you know what you want because that keeps you in a better position to discuss with the professionals so you always get exactly what you want.

Here is a guide that can help you.

Select the Venue:

wedding venue selection

This should be one of the top priorities while organizing your wedding reception. First create a short-list of the places you like and then choose the one that appeals to you the most. You can also go for a theme wedding or a destination wedding if you want. There are those who travel half the world to select the right venue. But you need to think about the guests as well. Plan accordingly. But keep it practical as well, while selecting the venue. You should also figure out the budget within your acceptable range. Remember, weddings can be costly.

Concentrate on the Reception Stationery:

wedding reception stationery

The stationery needed for the wedding or the reception might sound like minute things, but they also play an equally important role. Focus on the menu, place cards, table numbers, favor tags and so on. You can decorate the venue beautifully with these stationery. It’s not really very difficult.

Seating Arrangements:

wedding chairs

Having a proper seating arrangement for your wedding is quite pivotal because the guests should feel comfortable enough. Who should sit next to whom? Make a plan so that your guests and comfortable. Make sure that there are enough chairs for all. And of course, the chairs you select should be nice and comfortable. Planning the details will help you avoid chaos, and you will be able to please your guests as well.

Do the Invitation Carefully:

wedding invitation

Before anything, you need to create a detailed list of all people you want to invite for the wedding. Include all the names, do a few additions and deletions, and you will then have the list ready. How many people you want to invite depends on the kind of wedding you want. If you want it to be very personal, then invite only those you are very close with. Otherwise, go for all the family members, friends, neighbors, and at least many of your colleagues. Both approaches are right, depending on your preference.


wedding photography

Select a good photographer and videographer to capture all those prized moments. Take a quotation from at least two providers. See their portfolios. Ask for references. You need pictures and videos taken throughout the event. Try to save money, but don’t compromise on quality.